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Moving On? Take Provisions!

Having taken part in the Kickstarter, I was delighted when Andrea Aste’s Book of Shadows Tarot (2015) turned up on my doorstep at the end of last week.  No sooner opened than shuffled and dealt…


Situation – Seven of Wands

As these are unillustrated pips (the theme of the deck is a pre-Marseille discovery, though done in modern, zentangle style), I will read them based on suit and number, bringing in the image in a secondary way.  For me, Wands are about action, and Sevens represent inner conflict, which actually works quite well with the layout of the wands here.  The wand at the centre is being impinged upon by six others, their pointy bits stabbing towards it.  However, the pressure is balanced, it won’t actually damage the central wand.  So, action is being taken because of a feeling of impingement which is more imagined than real.

I have been feeling driven to act, but it’s also true that I actually have no need to do so.  The pressure is all from my perceptions, rather than outside reality.

Desirable Outcome – Six of Swords

Sixes are about harmony and balance, a partial resolution along the road.  In Kabbalistic terms, it is the seat of glory, with keywords including spirituality, balance, integration and compassion.  The Six of Swords is therefore about finding a mental balance, integrating different kinds of thoughts.  The image, once again, is quite good for this.  The four swords on the outsides are integrated and come together in a balanced way – one up, one down – in the centre of the card.

So, from a place of feeling like the world is pressing in on me, I can come to a balanced recognition of what is really going on.  And integrating different ideas may help me move forward in a way that is compassionate to myself and others.

Energy Needed – Four of Disks (Pentacles)

I love the cute little orouboros-style dragons!  And while dragons may breathe fire, suggesting the suit of wands, they are also famous for hoarding material wealth, making them a good fit for the suit of Disks, too.  Fours represent stability and stagnation, a time of consolidating the gains you have made so far.  In the material suit of Disks, that suggests consolidating your resources.

Time to make sure I’ve got all my ducks lined up, then, and have all the bits and bobs I need ready to go.  I cannot move forward in a balanced way without certain elements in place, so best get on with making sure they are all prepared!

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2 Responses to “Moving On? Take Provisions!”

  • This made me think about how clearing up physical space can help to get mental clarity. They actual rearranging of things can help to gain new perspectives too
    Good luck finding that mental balance

    • That’s a very good point, Ellen! I’ve been rearranging my computer files, which is a rather virtual version of that, but it has sped my computer up a lot 😀


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