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This is What You Need to Grow Your Heart

In many circumstances, we’re told that you need to grow, to develop yourself, constantly. And there’s certainly nothing wrong with always learning and exploring. However, sometimes the goals and targets feel imposed from outside, or like they aren’t in harmony with your true self.

I came across something like that in some of my reading last week. It was on coaching, talking about how the GROW model is sometimes felt to be a little harsh. It suggested an acronym called CIGAR, which I didn’t really like.

My mind wandered to the idea of expanding GROW, and I thought of the expression “You need to grow a pair!” What a horrible concept!

As a woman, I don’t want to grow a pair, I don’t want to be agressive and masculine. I want something that is gentle, in line with the divine feminine. If anything, I want to grow my heart. So, I came up with my own acronym, which also works as a tarot spread 😀


The HEART Spread

H – What is your Head telling you?

This is so often the starting point: what does your rational mind tell you is in your best interest right now? However, it also encompasses what you think you should be doing – those little voices in your head from your parents or society.

E – What are your Emotions telling you?

It’s all well and good to have a rational idea, a strategy, a focus. What if it’s not in accord with your emotions, though? We are emotional beings, with millions of neural pathways in our hearts.

A – What are your Actions telling you?

Sometimes, what you are actually doing doesn’t match at all with either what you say that you want, or what you think or feel you should be doing. Exploring this can give you some much-needed insight.

R – How can you best Respond based on all three of these insights?

Having taken a more comprehensive look at where you are, you can consider the best way for you to move forward right now. That might mean growth and expansion, it might mean a period of retreat and calm. Sometimes, the best way forward is a step back.

T – What Truth can you become aware of now?

So far, this has been mostly about seeking answers inside yourself. Here, we touch on the wisdom of the Universe, the loving message of the Goddess <3

And of course, I had to give it a go…

H – Head – Eight of Wands

My head is telling me I need to get moving, that I have to hurry. There’s so much that I want to do, and lots I need to do. Yet, like the flynosaur, I know that I can only hold onto one thing at a time. So, how to juggle it all?

E – Emotions – Queen of Wands

My emotions are fiery. I feel so passionate about being of service, so enthusiastic about being creative and following my inspiration, and helping others to do the same. I want to ride every unicorn, cuddle every mini-lion, smell all the flowers!

A – Actions – Judgement

In terms of my actions, I have just signed up for another course. I know that I don’t need more certifications, more courses. Yet, it is so interesting, so passionately inspiring. However, charging into something else, I may tend to lose sight of the everyday bits I still need to do, the non-inspiring but essential paperwork and so forth. Still, this action does feel like it’s a part of my life’s purpose, my spiritual calling.

R – Respond – Three of Wands

How I can best respond right now is to take a step back. I need to assess all the different projects going on in my life, and see which ones look like they will make it all the way to harbour. Some may sink on the way, or be hijacked by pirates 😀 So, I need a bit of an overview, like the creature standing on a precipice high above the sea. Which of these projects is truly part of my calling, and which is just something I’m emotionally buzzed by, or just feel like I need to keep a hold on, seeing as I’ve started?

Truth – Four of Wands

It’s striking that there are four Wands cards and a Major in this reading!

The deeper truth for me here is that I gain much joy from the dynamic, fiery wands energy of all these projects. Also, though, that I need to take time to celebrate what I have already accomplished. And perhaps to ‘marry’ the different aspects and modalities.

I’m reminded of my Psychotherapy course, which was termed ‘integrative’. I need to integrate all these different things, to create something that truly makes me happy, rather than just fulfilling other people’s criteria.

If you give the spread a go, feel free to leave a comment below with any questions, or just to share. And if you don’t give the spread a go, I’d still love to hear from you!

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5 Responses to “This is What You Need to Grow Your Heart”

  • I much prefer the ‘HEART’ spread to ‘Grow a pair’ or ‘Cigar!’ 😀 You remind me so much of myself in that you love learning and expanding your knowledge and practices. For me personally, I must be careful that I don’t get so busy adding to my spiritual resume that I don’t dig deeper and actually practice what I’m learning. Chogyam Trungpa called this ‘spiritual materialism’ – entertaining and building up the ego instead of my compassion and wisdom. It can be much more fun to learn than to practice, which is why I have to keep a constant check on my motives.

    • Glad you like HEART, Bev 😀
      And yes, I know what you mean about studying and practising. With this one in particular, there’s no fear of that. It’s something I first got interested in about seven years ago, and used daily during the second and third trimesters of my last pregnancy. It got put on the back burner after that, but I’ve done some really powerful self-healing with it over the last couple of weeks, which is what inspired me to take the course 🙂

  • You are quite a firecracker with all these wands 🙂
    Love the spread and the cute deck. I will try it for my self this weekend. It is so easy to get lost in rigid to do lists and goals for self-improvement only to reprimand yourself up when you can’t keep up.
    I hope you will be able to find a balance between all your projects, work and family

    • Hiya Ellen,
      Hope you enjoyed the spread if you tried it out. And yes, it can be easy to get lost in the ‘oughts’ even of self-improvement. Yesterday, I didn’t meditate until evening, though I normally do in the morning, too. I gave myself the day off, as the grandparents came over 😀
      Still, today I’ve been back at the grindstone, and completed some necessary paperwork – a good balance, overall 🙂
      Hugs to you, too! C


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