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It’s Not Just This Awful Deck…

I recorded the unboxing of the Tarot Gothica (Schiffer, 2015) months ago, but couldn’t bear to blog with it as I disliked it so heartily.  With the passage of time, I “forgot” just how awful I found it, and was able to dig it out.

And it does have some positives – the card stock is much thinner than Schiffer standard, and there are some interesting, dark takes on some of the cards.

Other than that, though, I object to the fact that most of the men are seriously unappealing (take a look at the three specimens below), while the women are often portrayed as sex objects.  The partially non-traditional approach to the pips makes it feel like it’s neither here nor there, to my mind.  All told, I’m not a fan.


However, the cards that I drew to illustrate this overview also seem apropos of how I’ve been feeling.

I’ve felt tied down by structures of my own creation – too rigid an Emperor.  I didn’t want to blog with this deck the way I normally do, but felt like it was expected of me (daft, right?)  I haven’t felt like posting to Instagram much, I’ve been working harder than usual on my day job, and I’m studying, too.  All good, structured activities, but they’ve been weighing me down.

I recognise that I need some distance and perspective (King of Swords), in order to potentially make a new start (Ace of Pentacles).  That might be a new start at the physical level – making more room for myself to accomodate the exhaustion that accompanies me right now with my toddler up between 4 and 5am each day.  Or it might be a new focus in terms of blogging: what do I want to be seen as my business calling card?  This blog, one of my other blogs?  Or might it be both a physical and a business reboot…

What I want is to feel comfortable in my family life, and in what I am creating for the future (Ten of Pentacles, though talk about a yucky version!)

All this to say, I have decided to take a couple of weeks off from blogging and from the newsletters I send out.  I plan to be back on 11th July and hope to see you then…


6 Responses to “It’s Not Just This Awful Deck…”

  • I hope you will find clarity, wisdom and a lot of oppertunites to put you legs up during this hiatus 😀

    • Thanks, Ellen! So far, it’s been pretty hectic with work stuff, but I have hopes for next week… 🙂 Hope you’re well, too. Hugs, Cxxx

  • That Emperor is what I imagine our next President will look like if the extremists elect Trump!
    Hope you manage to find enough space for all the things you need to do (including time for yourself). Just remember this won’t last forever even though it may feel like it now!

    • Ha ha, Trump as a vampire Emperor! Scary enough he might be voted, without adding in blood-sucking tendencies 😮
      Well, I’ve managed some of the most urgent to-do’s. One of those was buying a sleep training clock for my Little One – it would be really nice to get him sleeping til at least 5am! And who knows, one day I may be cursing him because I have to drag him out of bed for school, with teen tantrums instead of toddler ones… 😀

  • Nosy Passerby

    Well Chloe, please realize this is a “goth” deck, thus fitting in its context of inherent ridiculous ugliness pretty well 😉

    • I don’t know, I have quite a few Goth decks, and they can be playful, scary, bitter-sweet… I think, too, if it was all ugly I could handle that more. It’s the innate sexism of the girls being mostly pretty/boobilicious, while the men are dire that annoys me, too… As you say, though, I’m probably overthinking it 😀


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