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Peacock Struts and Heartroots

BF-GaiasVision-SacredBelongingAnother oracle this week: the Gaia’s Vision Oracle (Schiffer, 2016).  This is a photo melange deck, with each image featuring overlaid photography.  The companion book is extremely short, under thirty pages.  It gives just a single paragraph and a keyword for each card.  On the upside, there are quite a few interesting, nature-based spreads.  I was tempted by the Mud Spread, but decided to give the Wind Spread a whirl instead ?

1) What old patterns need to be blown away? – Sacred Belonging

A green bush or scrubland is overlaid with a single flower in close up: the micro- and the microcosm?

The keyword given is reverence.  That, and the title, give me the sense of needing to let go of trying to fit with other people’s ideas about spirituality, about what is the right way to understand life.  Their way may seem beautiful and spiritual, but if it doesn’t fit me, if it doesn’t fill my heart with joy, then I’d best find something that does.

BF-GaiasVision-RegalStrut2) How can I release the old pattern? – Regal Strut

There’s definitely a peacock in there, strutting his stuff.  Not sure what the overlay is, or what it’s supposed to add to the image…

The booklet talks about admiring your gifts and feeling confident.  So, I can release other people’s opinions and prescriptions by focusing on what I do well.  I guess I feel confident when something resonates deeply with me.  Paying attention to that, noticing what brings me joy, is the path to my own authentic way forward.

BF-GaiasVision-Heartroots3) What may come into my life once the old pattern is released? – Heartroots

I love the colours of this card, bare branches overlaid with warm, autumnal colours.

The keyword here is Community.  A deeper sense of connection is possible once I get clear on what most speaks to me, and what I can best do.  Connecting with others from a place of confidence in myself, rather than a reverence for ideals and people I may not truly agree with.

All this makes me think of trying to find my own voice this week.  Having just had another study weekend, it’s easy to get caught up in ‘this is what the tutors say we should do, what they say is the best way’.  Instead, some critical thinking seems called for.

Anyhow, if you’d like to read journal prompts based on these cards, click here 🙂

2 Responses to “Peacock Struts and Heartroots”

  • Paying attention to that, noticing what brings me joy, is the path to my own authentic way forward.
    This is so important! it is all about being mindful of how something make us feel. For instance I thought I wanted to write a blogpost today but I ended up crocheting a pair of doll shoes which made me feel so proud myself 😀
    I hope you will keep on searching what works for you and don’t let anybody tell you what you should do/ belief

    • Well, now, Ellen, you could definitely post a picture of those doll shoes – I’d love to see them!

      I’m glad you followed your passion, and shall try to do the same. At the moment I’m feeling a little blah, tired and stressed. So, maybe I need to just sit in the sunshine until my energy returns, even though others are telling me I should do this or that… 🙂


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