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The Perils of Trying to be Supermom

The Justice League Tarot (DC Comics, 2015) is obviously a comic-book-based deck, with superheroes galore, and their nemeses, too.  It’s a style I enjoy, and the reading it gave me feels very relevant!


Situation – The Devil

This Devil stands in a fiery pit, with the chains to either side of him seemingly empty.  Or perhaps they bind him, rather than someone else.  He pours his energy down into a crevice at his feet, seemingly focused.

What am I focusing on that is destructive?  How do I chain myself?  Well, I have been trying to be supermom, still doing most things with my toddler despite a very painful rotator cuff injury last week.  There’s all that stuff about needing to be a good mother, to do the best for my kids.  But what about me?  I’m injured, and not heeding that is pretty destructive.  Okay, okay, I see where this is going!

Desirable Outcome – Four of Swords

This icy landscape might seem quite harsh, but it puts me in mind of the rune Isa.  In the cold, there is stillness and silence.  A time to regroup, before the new growth of spring.  In that, it echoes the more traditional images of the Four of Swords, with a knight sleeping to prepare for the battle ahead.

Sleep is so important, and is something I’ve struggled with for much of my life.  I used to be rather insomniac, and that still pops up sometimes.  Mostly, though, it’s my kids who wake me up at all hours.  Still, it makes me resent even more when I wake up and can’t get back to sleep because of my own churning thoughts, which happened at the weekend.  Especially when those thoughts are about those self-same peacefully sleeping children *doh*

So, I need to find a way to “cool” my thoughts, in order to sleep better.  And I need to rest up, even if I feel I “should” be doing lots of things for the kids.

Energy Needed – The Hermit

Ha, that’s another *doh* card.  Yep, of course, I need to take some quite time, some time to look inward and meditate, in order to calm my mind.  And some time when I don’t have to be at the beck and call of the kids would be great, too, though I have less power over that.

Yet, I guess it is also a reminder to make the most of the times when I’m alone – when the kids are at school and nursery, or when they’re both asleep.  Even a busy mum can find those moments, with the will power.  It’s all about mindset! 🙂

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One Response to “The Perils of Trying to be Supermom”

  • You are an amazing mother for you children Chloe but it is just as important to mother yourself. Take care of that shoulder (ice is good :D)
    years ago, I discovered that when I was doing chores around the house my (little) girls were less inclined to “bother” me. As soon as they were napping or went to nursery I dropped everything and took some quiet time for myself
    PS the house wasn’t that clean, pizza was always delicious and ironing wasn’t on my list


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