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What To Do With The Pig-Headed Emperor of Paperwork…

Another Tarot de Marseille this week, the ‘restored’ deck from Jodorowsky and Camoin (Dg-Exodif, 1997/2006).
I’m working with an organisation and things have been slow going of late. So, I asked what I should know about the situation:

The Cards

The Emperor is, of course, the perfect representative of organisational structure. He is seated firmly on his throne, holding out his sceptre, a symbol of spirit in the world. His back is turned though, on the other cards.
Next to him is the Ten of Batons. There is a hot, red core, blocked in by a criss-cross pattern of dark blue, encased in pale blue and then yellow. So much going on, perhaps at cross-purposes, that the initial flame of inspiration and drive to action are quashed at every turn.
Finally, the Four of Coins. The disks form another firm structure, a productive one, if the flowers growing around them are any indication. The eagle emblem at the centre harks back to the Emperor and his shield. An organisation has certain resources that are useful, yet you must work within their structure to have access to these.

The Reading

That Ten of Batons perfectly depicts how I feel: crushed by the weight of paperwork and other structural requirements. The organisation is certainly not helping with my feeling of overwhelm!
The Emperor with his back turned reminds me that institutions have little invested. I’ve been told what I need to do, and if I want to succeed I need to do it. The fact that it’s not easy is irrelevant to the institution, I have to find my own way.
To help with that, the Four of Coins is a strong card of structure and having lots of resources. A reminder, then, to look at what resources I have available to help me with this situation. What do I have that will appeal to this institution and fit its brand model? And how can I be structured in going about it?
While this reading doesn’t fill me with joy, it does at least give me some pointers for the way forward…
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4 Responses to “What To Do With The Pig-Headed Emperor of Paperwork…”

  • Wow, that Emperor with his back turned speaks volumes! So many institutions could care less about the cogs that keep it running. They operate on the idea of ‘keep it running and replace parts if necessary.’ No warmth or softness there! The Four of Coins is a good reminder of the resources you have (don’t be afraid to use them!) but also a nudge to take care of your health too. Stress can take a toll on the body, so don’t forget to take care of yours (make room in your busy schedule). Your brain will probably be clearer if you do! 🙂

    • Yes, that cold back, blue hair to us and all 🙂 Thanks for the reminder that the Four of Disks also advises us to take care of our bodies. I’ve been doing badly on that front the last week, mostly in terms of not going to bed early enough :/ Must do better, for myself!

  • I’ve encountered so many times the slow turning machinery of these kinds of institutions. Being reduced to a number does give you that feeling of not being seen as a person
    Just last week I was being accused of fraud by social welfare because my husband has two wheelchairs which supposedly had to be financed by another institution. If they would have done their homework before calling me they would have found out everything was perfectly in order which I just discovered this morning. So a lot of stress for nothing

    • Oh Ellen, I’m so sorry! That must have been dreadful! Being accused of something like that, and having to get it all sorted out, how incredibly stressful 🙁 I’m glad they figured it out eventually, and hope that you are taking good care of yourself now to counter the effects of all that stress! I posted some tips on stress-busting a few weeks back, maybe one of them may help…


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