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This is why The Problem is never The Problem

Did you feel the effects of the eclipse season in August?

Perhaps it was also the meteor showers we had during the month, as for me it was like standing under an energetic waterfall.

Whatever the case, I went through a really radical shift.

As an example, I went from eating the equivalent of two packets of biscuits a day (yes, packets, not individual biscuits), to having no processed sugar at all in my diet for the last six weeks. This change hasn’t felt like a hardship, nor has it required constant acts of willpower.

Instead, it has felt natural, right and even delicious!

Chocoholic to Sugar Free

So, how did I move from being a total chocoholic to being sugar free, with no cravings?

I’d been eating poorly all year, and had gone to another hypnotherapist to try to get help, as well as using my own magical toolbox (or crane bag). In that work, I had focused on eating right, or on releasing cravings. And the person I went to see focused on me getting in better alignment with the food I need.

Throughout, though, the focus was on food.

The change came when I moved my focus to dealing with anxiety.

Stress and Anxiety

Before I started working for Anxiety UK, I had an interview with someone there. He asked if I’d suffered from anxiety myself, and I said ‘No’.

In my client sessions, though, I have to administer an NHS test for anxiety and depression. And after one particular session I thought, ‘Hmm, I wonder what score I’d get on that test?’ To my dismay, I rated as suffering from moderate anxiety (could do with some help, though not ‘send straight to a specialist’).

And so, back before the summer, I determined to get to grips with my own anxiety.


I started using a technique called EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), also known as tapping.

I’d first tried it about seven years ago, but didn’t get along with the practitioner. Still, I kept my interest in it and read several books on the subject. I also used tapping daily while I was pregnant with my second child (or actually nightly, when I woke with the baby bouncing on my bladder).

Throughout the years since, I stayed signed up to a weekly newsletter, dipping my toe in and out as the spirit moved me. Then, a day after I’d taken the anxiety test, a newsletter popped up in my inbox with Anxiety in the headline. I don’t ignore synchronicities like that!

I went and watched this guy’s video, and started to tap along with him. Although it didn’t solve the issue entirely, it felt like something shifted.

Next stop, I decided to start tapping for myself more consistently, and studying more consistently, too. I bought a textbook on tapping, and then another. I delved into different branches of EFT: clinical EFT, Thought Field Therapy (TFT), positive EFT, and energy EFT.

Dealing with ‘Stuff’

Every day, I tapped. And different ‘stuff’ came up. ‘Stuff’ I hadn’t managed to deal with for years, even though I’d known it was there. Even though I’d gone to an EMDR specialist in the past (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing – it’s considered the treatment of choice these days for PTSD), it hadn’t shifted.

Whether it was just the right time – planets aligned, meteors falling – or whether it was the fact of working on this stuff consistently, at the end of July I started to have some real epiphanies. And as my anxiety abated, suddenly my cravings dropped, too.

Nor was that the only change I noticed. My energy levels improved significantly, as did my creativity. Overall, I feel pretty great!

Why The Problem is never The Problem

One of the things that emerged for me in tapping was that the issue with my eating hadn’t been about food or greed or addiction or willpower. It had been about feeling like a bad mother. Or, perhaps a kinder way of framing it, about trauma around all the medical issues with my elder son.

What I thought was the problem – my unhealthy eating – was just a side-effect of extreme stress leading to anxiety.

The thing is, though, that with this kind of issue we so often don’t want to face our darkness. We don’t want to face our deep fears, self-judgement, guilt and shame. Coming face-to-face with your shadow is not a comfortable place to be, and it is something your conscious mind flees.

As the conscious mind doesn’t want to face the shadow, it throws up believable ‘problems’ for you to focus on, rather than focusing on the real problem. So, you think the problem is one thing, which is actually just the symptom of something deeper.

Tapping is a great way to focus in and find these ‘core issues’. The way I practice it, which is influenced by EMDR as well as EFT and TFT, helps to stimulate memory retrieval and processing. In that way, it helps to dig into the memories and situations which are the real triggers of our current issues.

Magical Tapping

Inspired by my own radical shift, as well as by my renewed sense of energy and creativity, I’ve been working hard on several fronts. And next week, I am launching a new website:

There, I will be offering a number of services that combine psychological approaches with more spiritual or magical ones. And that includes magical tapping.

What makes this tapping magical? Well, for one thing it brings your spiritual beliefs into the tapping session, making it more powerful. For another, it uses cards to clarify the issue it would be best to tap on, or what an achievable goal might look like. You can also choose cards face up to represent your problem, giving you a visual cue to help access the emotional blockages you need to work through. And in the same way, you can choose cards for what you most want to feel, once again strengthening the effect of the tapping.

As I’ve only just finished my official Level 2 qualification in tapping, I’ll be offering discounted sessions until 31st October. If you’re curious, now would be a great time to give it a try!

2 Responses to “This is why The Problem is never The Problem”

  • What a wonderful shift you have made. A magical one indeed. And how great you can use this positive experience to your own new practice as EFT practitioner.
    Diving deep into our shadow does require a great amount of courage. Well done my dear Chloe

  • Carla

    Ever the busy bee! Lovely new direction you’re moving in. Tapping is very effective, you’ve inspired me to revisit this technique. 😊


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