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What Problem Do You Want to Solve?

mst-4-card-spreadIt may be because I have less time at the moment to spend with the cards, or that in my old age I’m becoming less covetous.  It also helps that as I only posted three cards last week, I have some leeway in the ‘fair use’ understanding of using copyrighted images.  Whatever, for this week I decided to stick with the Modern Spellcasters Tarot (Llewelyn, 2016), and try out one of the spreads from the deck.

This is the Four Card Problem Solving Spread, and I drew cards to look at my tiredness and lack of energy.

1) The Essence of the Problem – Eight of Cups

Looking at the image, I notice that all the cups but one are empty: upside down or overturned and spilt.  Emotionally, I am running on empty, and a few bits of bread on a plate can’t make up the energy deficit.

At a more traditional level, I see the idea that I need to distance myself from certain emotional situations, for my own higher good.  A big part of the problem is that I’m so often up at ridiculous o’clock with my Little One.  There’s a big struggle in me, as he tries to manipulate me to get his own way.

On the one hand, I know I need to be the adult and place appropriate boundaries.  On the other hand, I struggle because doing so is likely to be rather noisy for at least a week, and I worry about the effect on my other son.  The latter is rather delicate health-wise and a lack of sleep can affect him disproportionately.


2) What’s Beyond Your Control – Knight of Wands

Ha, the Knight of Wands certainly hits the nail on the head in a couple of ways!

In this Knight I see my Little One, who bounces into our bedroom most mornings between 4 and 4.30am.  He’s full of energy, and wants to play: wanting to charge to the sitting room to build a train track, or draw, or play music.  That last one always gets firmly quashed, as you can imagine ?

In this deck, Wands are associated with air, as shown by the bird of prey that the Knight rides.  And my Little One is certainly a chatterbox.  Added to that, he strategises.  I say, “It’s too early to get up.”  Sometimes he outright lies: “The sun is up on my clock,” (it comes on at 5.30am).  Other times, it’s more manipulative, “Mummy, I’m hungry!”  Then, he doesn’t eat for an hour – not falling for that one any more.  Or, “Mummy, I’ve done a poo.”  Nope, no unpleasant gifts in his nappy.  Or, “Mummy, you can come right back up to bed.”  I especially liked: “Mummy, I want to help make your breakfast.” ? *angelic face*

I can’t change his energy or his smartness, nor would I want to ?

3) Assets In Your Favour – Four of Swords

Ooh, I love this Four of Swords.  I see the wolves as the man’s companions, protecting him as much as do the swords he’s placed around himself before lying down to meditate.  And to me the little flame represents a light to guide him back from his spirit journey.

What I have in my favour is my ability to meditate.  It’s something I’ve been doing for years, and just recently I’ve started trying a couple of somewhat different things in this regard.  One of those is a meditation where I slow time down, so that half an hour of actual time can feel like three hours.  Applied to sleep, that could mean that I need less sleep time to still feel energised.

Even if that doesn’t work out, at least meditating will help me keep calm.  After all, I don’t want to blow my top at my sweet little Knight, just because it’s ridiculous o’clock 😀

bf-mst-10p4) Action To Take Now – Ten of Pentacles

Hmm, a bucolic family scene, with kids running around in the background, one woman (possibly an elder) sitting by the house, and a man and a woman smiling and talking over a fence.  What does this say to me in terms of action/s to take?

Firstly, the idea that I should actively enjoy family life.  Making the most of the morning time with my Little One.

Secondly, a suggestion to rely on my family for help.  If I’m tired and lacking in energy, I need to ask for assistance.  Ask for the time to go have a nap, or someone else to take on some of the responsibilities involved in having a couple of kids.

Thirdly, there’s the notion of drawing on the legacy of the past.  That could be connected to learning and applying other meditation techniques, perhaps.  Or learning from those who have struggled with hyperactive kids, and developed strategies to cope.

Some helpful ideas there, I’ll have to see where they take me…

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2 Responses to “What Problem Do You Want to Solve?”

  • I’ve got a younger friend who is in her early forties and has two young boys. The youngest is two and always at full tilt unless he’s asleep. I’m sure you both could trade some stories! It is a trade-off to be an older mother rather than one in her twenties; you have more wisdom when older, but more energy when younger! Hope you both find a rhythm that you can relax into soon my friend.

    • Thank you, Bev. I suspect I have as much energy as many 20 year olds, as I’m fit and healthy, which not all younger mums are. However, I’m also set in my ways, used to my own space, and don’t cope brilliantly with lack of sleep after nine years of it! Ah well, this too shall pass. And this morning he slept in til 5.40am – woo hoo 😀


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