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Purity of Emotion: the Frideborg Tarot

The Frideborg Tarot (Lisa Eddy, 2016) is a very interesting, photographic deck.  The images used have been digitally altered and compiled, and although they are generally far from traditional, they are still strongly influenced by RWS ideas.

BF-FrideborgTarot-Rdg-1Situation – Justice

A statue of Lady Justice stands looking down from on high.  Around her is a cool, clear blue, which can represent communication and speaking your truth.  Her stone is very white, colour of purity.  And she holds her scales high, and her sword down.

Looks like a week of assessing what has gone before, and being clear in communicating the plan for the future.  Certainly, I’ve already started that process – I’ve been thinking long and hard about what I want from life and for the future.  On top of that, today I have to turn in my essay.  I’ve done what I can, and will have to wait for the pronouncement from on high…

Desirable Outcome – Temperance

What a fascinatingly different card this is!  Instead of combining water and fire, here we have all the colours of the rainbow.  I notice, too, that the coloured lines come closer together and are in clearer focus when refracted through the container of water.

Vibrant life comes when we can hold emotions without muddying the waters, perhaps.  That idea of being a clear holder for nourishing, emotional waters also makes me think of my work as a magical life coach.  I try to help people look through and beyond their emotions, doubts and worries, in order to get their life in greater focus, and to heal whatever troubles them.  That is what I hope for, at least.

Energy Needed – Ace of Pentacles

A walnut is such an excellent symbol here!  A nut is a form of nourishment.  It is also a seed: the potential for a new, physical beginning.  And it can represent the human skull and brain, which it resembles.

Time for a fresh start!

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3 Responses to “Purity of Emotion: the Frideborg Tarot”

  • So much synchronicity with the cards here! You know for the YouTube week ahead reading (starting today on the New Moon), the first card I pulled was also Justice. And did you know that Saturn in Sagittarius (Temperance) is sextile this New Moon, along with Uranus in Aries? Nice fiery influences supporting long-term change. Happy Chinese New Year and Lunar Imbolc! 🙂 x

  • Love that walnut for the Ace of Pentacles! And that Temperance reminds me of making room for all possibilities instead of sorting out just the ones I prefer.

  • I wish my watercolors would stay as clear as the colors of this Temperance.. Applying to many of them will always result in a muddy brown. I think it is a pure magic to transform the muddy colors of you client’s mindset to a beautiful rainbow 🙂


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