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tree outline.svg.medThere are four ways for you to receive your reading: by email, by phone, by Skype, or as a private video/s on YouTube.  Email or video readings will be sent to you within 3 days.  To see a sample video one-card reading, go here.  For phone or Skype readings I will contact you to arrange a time for your reading.  Please specify which you would prefer, as well as your question, in the “Special Instructions” section when you checkout.  By clicking “Buy Now” you agree that you have read the Disclaimer.

I now offer four kinds of readings: tarot readings, angel readings, oracle readings, and Lenormand readings.  Scroll down to find what suits you best :)

sun_ff77_01.svg.medTarot Readings


Three Card Readings – £15

Shorter readings that get to the root of your question, and of how to move forward positively.  You can choose between:

A general Love-Work-Finances spread,



Life’s Purpose Spread,

Pathway Spread (Situation-Action to take-Action not to take – by Mark Ryan and John Matthews),

Arwen’s “Wind of Change” Spread,

or request a personalised spread to fit your question/s.

Elements/Choices/Chakra Spreads – £25

The Elements Spread is a 6 card reading that looks at the elemental energies in your life and where to go from here.  The Choices Spread (6 or 7 cards) can look at different options facing you and suggest what the pros and cons of each are, as well as a deciding factor.  The Chakra Spread is a 7 card spread that looks at your energy and where it may be blocked, as well as suggesting your strengths and how best to move forward.

Celtic Cross or Customised 10 Card Spread – £40

10 card reading looking at the energies around a particular question or situation.  The Celtic Cross spread explores the heart of the question, past and future elements, you, your environment, challenges and potential outcome.  If that doesn’t fit your question, I will customise a spread for you.

Tarot Readings

angel-clipart-free-baby-angel-prayingAngel Readings

Angel energy is soft and up-lifting, healing and calming.  The readings done with Angel cards look at the energy that surrounds you in a given situation, and may suggest affirmations to help you along your path.

Angelic Energy Reading – £6

A simple look at the angel guarding and guiding you in this situation, with an affirmation to draw positive energy to you.

Angel Pathway Reading – £15

The Angels offer their advice and guidance on where you are currently and what you can best do for your highest good.

Angelic Soulmates Reading – £15

Let the angels guide you in finding your soulmate.

Archangel Reading – £20

A reading that looks at what each of four Archangels advises you in particular areas of your life, as well as what you most need to focus on right now.  This reading includes affirmations for each card.

Angel Readings

kattekrab_Celtic_inspired_knots_3_svg_medOracle Readings

I offer a number of oracles for readings, with spreads designed to get the most from the messages of the particular oracle.  So, for example, the Whole Woman spread calls on Goddess energy, and the Transformation spread looks at what you need to help you through times of change.

Goddess Reading – £6

One card reading looking at the Goddess energy you most need to bring into your life at the moment, and with suggestions on how to go about this.

Whole Woman Spread – £15

This three card spread looks at the Maiden, Mother and Crone energies in your life: what inspires, nurtures and spiritually guides you.

Transformation Spread – £15

What can you do right now to help transform your life?  We go through a lot of changes and transitions in our lives, and this spread helps you negotiate these challenging times.

Oracle Readings

LetterGifLenormand Readings

3 card mini-reading – £5

A quick reading to look at the situation you’re asking about.

5 card reading – £7

A slightly more in-depth reading on a single question.

9 card small tableau – £15

This reading looks at several different levels involved in a given question or situation.

36 card grand tableau – £50

An in-depth look at what is going on in your life.

Lenormand Readings