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Reflecting Back and Forwards

Reflection SpreadWhile using Lisa’s prompts in my reflections on 2015, I realised that I want to reflect not just on what is gone, though that is important.  One of the things I love best about life coaching is that there is a strong future focus.  Not denying the past, but building on it: planning for the future based on what has gone before.

For that reason, I created this Reflection Spread, and gave it a whirl with a deck I was gifted by a dear friend for Christmas: the Servants of the Light (SOL) Tarot (Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki, 1991).

1) What I did well in 2015 – Prime (Ace) of Spheres (Pentacles)

Energy flows out from a central sphere, full of potential for growth.  I made a new start in business, becoming a magical life coach.  A lot of work went into sowing this seed: studying life coaching and earning my membership to the Association for Coaching; adapting my website to reflect this change; as well as actually starting work as a (magical) life coach (I also have some “vanilla” clients).  Overall, I’ve made a good start, but that is all it is: a start!

2) What I could do better – Four of Crescents (Cups)

Hmm, rather than just sowing a single seed, on reflection perhaps I need to reach for the moon…  A mermaid rises out of the sea holding a small crescent, her other arm raised to the large crescent of the moon in the sky.  A message, also, about remembering the dictum of as above, so below.  I need to harness that more, drawing emotional well-being to myself and to my clients through small changes in the here-and-now that attract larger changes.  It is not just in monetary matters that we can use leverage.

3) Learning to take forward – Maker (King) of Staves (Wands)

In this deck, the suit of Staves is associated with the element of Air, though it’s still pretty dynamic and traditionally Wands-y in most respects.  Still, I notice the unicorn behind the blue-clothed King of Staves.  Going forward, I need to harness clear communication, the will to move forward boldly, purity of intent, and the magic that the Universe offers me 🙂

Reflection Spread Reading

4) What I can achieve in 2016 – XI – Justice

For me, there are two aspects to Justice.  The first is that of fairness, of finding a balance, fairness or compromise between the needs of different people, or different aspects of yourself.  The second is assessing and weighing up what has gone on in the past, and what you therefore want for the future.  Both feel relevant here.

In 2015, I can help others to find a healthy balance in themselves and in their relationships with other people.  Together, we can assess the past and put that analysis to work to create a better future.

5) What skills I will need – Eight of Crescents (Cups)

This card is an interesting take on the Eight of Cups energy.  Instead of walking away from stacked cups, up a hill, this figure walks towards us, across a bridge.  Six of the crescents lie behind him, but two lie on the near side of the bridge.

There is the same sense of making a break with a past emotional situation, but a stronger emphasis on what you are moving towards.  In terms of skills, I need to improve my ability to help people leave behind what is no longer emotionally satisfying for them, while keeping clearly in view what they are aiming for.  In this, I see a combination of improving my life coaching skills, along with a course I am currently doing on helping people to change their beliefs at a deep level so that change ripples out through their lives.  My definition of magic, but on the course they give it a different name 😉

6) What could undermine me – Ten of Weapons (Swords)

I like this image – a curtain drawn with a blue sky beyond.  In the foreground, we see a leg and arm poking out from behind the curtain, swords slashing through the red bloth, and blood trickling out across the floor, which looks a little like a stage.  Yet, we cannot see the actual event, the person stabbed so cruely.  And so this emphasises that things may not be as they seem at first glance.

What I see here is that catastrophising is my enemy.  I recognise this tendency in myself, especially when I’m tired.  It’s so easy to see the worst in situations, to feel like everything is terrible and it’s all my fault and I’ll never be able to achieve anything.  Enough of that!  Trust in the magic of life, and move forward with determination and clarity.

If one of the things you want to achieve in 2016 is to finally get to and maintain a healthy weight and an overall sense of wellness, why not check out this free report: Top 5 Magical Ways to Achieve Your Ideal Healthy Weight.

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4 Responses to “Reflecting Back and Forwards”

  • I really like this Eight of Cups card! Instead of just walking, I get the feeling he has a vision of something he’s looking for and heading toward. That seems much more purposeful than just running away from whatever didn’t work out! 🙂

    • In the traditional image, the person tends to be walking up a mountain, which I often interpret as going in search of a higher purpose, rather than just running away. Though admittedly, sometimes we can use “spiritual seeking” as a way to avoid the realities of the everyday. You’re right, this Eight of Cups balances these two nicely. It has that seeking aspect, but also staying at a down-to-earth level, and moving towards, rather than just away from 🙂

      • Ah yes, that “spiritual seeking” can sometimes in reality be “spiritual bypassing!”

  • I like it that the ace of Pentacles came up in first position. Starting your business is such a major event of the 2015 and being an Ace it still holds so much promise for the future! 🙂
    Wishing you all the best for you and your Magical life coaching work in the coming year


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