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Goddess Tarot app


Goddess Tarot iPhone app.

Author: Kris Waldherr

The Goddess Tarot is fully illustrated, with the Majors represented by Goddesses from around the world.  The pips show exclusively female figures apart from the Courts, which are Princes, Princesses, Kings and Queens, but can largely be interpreted according to traditional associations.  The suits are Staves, Cups, Swords and Pentacles.  This is the basis on which this iPhone app was created.

The app has a number of very nice features.  For example, you can choose in your readings whether or not you want to include reversals by simply tapping the Magician (Isis) icon in the bottom left of the reading screen.  There is also a journal function, and you can add as many journal entries as you like, attaching a screenshot of any multi-card reading you do.  For single card readings you can still add a journal entry, but without an image of the card being saved. One thing which is a little strange is that the screenshots are saved to your photo album, so in amongst the family shots you’ll suddenly come across a tarot reading – I would prefer them to be saved within the app software.  Still, at least it works seamlessly when you pull up a journal reading.

There are four different readings supported by the software, a single card, four card, eight card or ten card spread.  The four card is a past-present-future-general overview, the eight is a specially designed Goddess Circle spread, and the ten is a Celtic Cross.  Within each reading, you can interact with the spread, zooming in to each card and it’s positional meaning, as well as reading a card interpretation, and if you’re using reversals the interpretation is adapted for this.  So, this might be a good feature for someone thinking about starting to use reversals, and is also good for getting a different perspective on the cards either upright or reversed.

However, once the reading is saved you no longer have this interactive element, and so have to know the positional meanings – easy for the Celtic Cross, but a little harder with the Goddess Circle until you learn it – or have written them down.  On the plus side, the screenshot is large enough that you can make out which card is in each position, not the case with all such apps.

There are several other ways to examine the cards – there is a card section, which gives all the cards by suit and number, and where you can see a close-up of the card and read a card meaning.  This includes the Majors, with a description of who each Goddess is and why she was chosen for the particular Major.  There is also a Goddess section, where the information is given alphabetically according to the Goddesses, rather than schematically according to the structure of the tarot.

One thing that the app lacks is the ability to send a reading via email.  However, if you are using it for readings for yourself this doesn’t matter.  Likewise, you could still write up a reading in your normal email programme, and seeing as the screenshots are saved to your photo album you can download them and attach them to the reading, or send them as an MMS.  Still, it’s a feature which many other apps offer, the ease of which I missed here.

Overall, I think this is a good product, and it’s reasonably priced at £2.39.  As a side note, if you want to work more with Goddess energy, Kris Waldherr has also brought out an equivalent app for her Goddess Inspiration Oracle.  The basic app is free, but you pay 99p each to add on the spreads, journal and goddess information functions.  Still, at a total cost of £2.97 it’s still good value.  The Goddess Inspiration Oracle has 80 different Goddesses, including the 22 that make up the Majors of the Goddess Tarot.  The app has almost identical functions to the tarot, except that there is no Celtic Cross spread, just the one card, four card and Goddess Circle eight card readings, and no reversals.  Still, I like it for the information on so many Goddesses from different cultures.

Both apps have beautiful background imagery and nice production values, including sparkles (and music, too, in the Oracle) when “shuffling” the cards to bring a bit of magic to your divination!  So, to enjoy a feminine tarot or some Goddess Inspiration, I highly recommend both these apps.

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