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Legacy of the Divine app

Legacy of the Divine iPhone/iPod touch App

Author: Ciro Marchetti
Publisher: Llewellyn


Being a committed fan of Ciro Marchetti, when I received an email from him saying an app based on his Legacy of the Divine tarot was available, I went straight to the iTunes store!  After playing around with it a bit, and having had a few emails back and forth with Ciro about the functionality (there are YouTube videos describing this, too), overall I’d now give it five stars out of five.  The first version had a few issues, which have now been resolved by a free update, making this app near perfect.

There are lots of things I love about this app, besides of course Ciro’s fabulous artwork and beautiful tarot image interpretations.

Probably the best are the minute-long animations of all 78 cards.  Each and every one is amazing, highlighting different aspects of the card or giving a whole new perspective on it.  They have a great depth of perspective – very three dimensional – and the choice of music and sound effects has clearly been given a lot of thought, adding enormously to the viewing experience.  As well as this, at the end of each video you get a screen with card titles (such as “Root of the Power of Air” for the Ace of Swords)“Keywords”, “Astrological-” and sometimes “Seasonal Attributions”, and the “Gifts” of the card.  You have to watch the whole video to get to this screen, but that is never a hardship.

I also love that, within the Cards section, you can use the iPhone touch screen to zoom in to look at the symbolism on the cards in detail.  The resolution is phenomenal, and with a swish of your finger you can read Ciro’s text on the back.

Another absolute gem is the Readings section.  Not only can you choose from a wooden table screen or four different reading cloths, but most importantly you can design any spread you like.  The screen can fit seven cards across and three up, so you can use it for a celtic cross so long as you don’t mind the “staff” being a bit wonky.  Other than that, you can turn cards by 90º, so you can have crossing cards, and can fit loads of cards on, creating any pattern you like within that framework.  The only issue is that if there are too many cards it gets hard to see them, and you can’t always accurately expand the cards, as it can’t tell which card you’re touching.  I did have about 9 cards vertically at that point where with a bit of a gap between them you can only fit 3!

Anyhow, from the reading section, you can save the spread to your journal and/or send it as an email to yourself or someone else.  I tried to find a limit to the amount you can write in the journal, but I guess compared to the memory required for the images and videos, a bit of text is nothing.  I added more than 500 lines to a journal entry and still hadn’t found a cut off point – don’t say I don’t try to test things fully!

One thing I like less is the fact that you can’t create a journal entry for your card of the day, unless you do it through the readings section, but that is a minor issue.

My biggest gripe originally was the fact that you couldn’t disable reversals.  Ciro said that made it like a real deck, where you can’t control what way up the cards come.  He still says that disabling reversals (whether in the app, or by how you shuffle an actual deck of cards) is cheating, but we’ll agree to disagree on that one, and I’m glad the update allows the user to choose.

Another gripe I had with the original app was the size of the “screen capture” that could be emailed to yourself or a client of the reading.  However, this has also been fixed by the update.  Now, as you can see above, the screen capture allows you to make out quite nicely the cards.  And if you want more detail, you just head over to the card section for the zoom function.

Overall, I would say that the Cards section by itself is worth the price of the app.  Ciro also made videos for the Majors of the Special Edition of the Tarot of Dreams, so to get these for all the cards for such a reasonable price is fabulous.  I would highly recommend this product to anyone who likes Ciro’s art, or anyone who wants to explore the tarot further and has an iPhone or iPad.

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