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Tokens of Light

BeFunky_TokensOfLight-21Author and artist: Orna Ben-Shoshan (

Ever wanted to learn more about the Kabbalah and the twenty two letters of the Hebrew alphabet?  If so, this unique oracle deck may be just what you’ve been waiting for.

The Tokens of Light are a Kabbalistic Oracle created by the autodidact artist Orna Ben-Shoshan.  The Tokens consist of sixty six small, circular pieces of card, with an image on one side, and oracular information on the other.  There are three tokens for each of the Hebrew letters, each with an often surrealistic image.  From camels with green balls visible in their transparent stomachs, to theatre curtains floating in blue skies, enormous flowers and tiny cows, the symbolism in this deck is certainly unusual, opening the way for novel and intuitive interpretations.

BeFunky_TokensOfLight-62On the written side of each token are keywords in both English and Hebrew, as well as the Hebrew letter with which the Token is associated, and a roman numeral to distinguish between the three different aspects of each letter.  I like the fact that the keywords are on the reverse of the cards, as it means they don’t distract from the image, though of course it does affect how you draw the cards in order for it to be a random pull – you may need to close your eyes!

BeFunky_TokensOfLight-51Amongst the oracular information offered in the Interpretation Booklet – a fairly substantial LWB – are elemental and gimatric correspondences, as well as connections with the tarot Majors.  Orna has also written a detailed section for each token, suggesting possible interpretations given the context of the draw.  The LWB also offers a number of spreads, recommendations on how to ask questions of the oracle, and thoughts on timing answers.

As for the presentation of the deck, it comes in a pale blue cardboard box, with a card flap close.  The box isn’t very sturdy, but is quite pretty, with a lovely circular design showcasing the letters of the Kabbalah on the inside lid.  The tokens themselves are about the size of the circle made by touching thumb and forefinger together (well, depending on the size of your hands), with a diameter of 5 cms (2 inches).

In terms of production values, as mentioned the box is a little flimsy, but the tokens are of good card stock and nicely laminated without being overly slippery.  There are a few typos to be found amongst the keywords, but they don’t affect the messages.  Overall, pulling out this beautiful bag with its quirky tokens looks very nice.

BeFunky_TokensOfLight-50The set also includes two amulets which Orna suggests carrying with you to bring blessings and luck.  One gives the seventy two names of God, with an image of a three-dimensional octogramon formed by two interlinked pyramids on the reverse side.  The other is a Hebrew priestly blessing for protection and wish fulfillment, with a picture of a hand raised in blessing a la Vulcan peace sign on the back.  I feel these could be included in a draw, if you like, to suggest blessings or divine guidance.

The tokens come in a very pretty organza bag, decorated with flowers.  I like the feel of the tokens in my hand, and they are also quite easy to shuffle, unlike some larger circular decks.  Orna suggests mixing them in the bag and drawing from there, or they could be put in a bowl, but shuffling and drawing as you would with regular cards also works.

BeFunky_TokensOfLight-28As for the images, I find them quite evocative.  There is plenty to work with for an intuitive reading, from colours to people, animals to plants, and from man-made objects to natural landscapes.  Orna says that she chose the images for the tokens intuitively, and it can sometimes be challenging to associate the image with the keywords.  However, I feel there are a number of options: go with your intuitive reading of the image; use the keywords; refer to the booklet. In fact, all three may be interesting avenues to add depth to a reading.

The Tokens can be used as a stand-alone oracle, but because of their size I think they would also work very nicely in conjunction with other divination tools.  For instance, I have drawn Tokens as clarifiers or amplifiers to a tarot card.  They could also be used as a “final thought” or summary at the end of a reading.

This is a nice and rather different oracle to add to any collection.  Although it will be of particular interest to those interested in the Kabbalah, it can equally be read purely intuitively, with no prior knowledge of that system.  I like its small size and distinctive artwork, and also recommend you check out Orna’s other decks, at

You can also find a video review of the Tokens of Light, showing many of the card images, here:

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