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Robin Wood Reading

BF-RobinWood-RdgI was first introduced to the Robin Wood Tarot (Llewellyn, 1991) through the books of James Ricklef.  It has remained a firm favourite ever since, yet somehow I’ve never blogged with it before!

Now: King of Swords

His Majesty stands firm and determined, arms crossed, and a rather silly, winged hat on his head.  I love the black, star-filled cloak he wears over his blue sky tunic with clouds around th bottom!  He is a decisive leader, someone who weighs things up in the balance and then acts with alacrity.  He is cool-headed, with a clear overview of any situation.  However, he’s not known for his touchy-feely approach 😀

Don’t: Four of Cups

This guy looks rather miffed with life, yet he isn’t seeing the cup being offered to him.  He leans against a tree, with three cups lined up in front of him.  The cup to his side and behind him emits rays of light – he’d spot it if he wasn’t so busy being in a funk!  As ever, a suggestion that if you are feeling bored and apathetic, it is because you are not open to seeing the gifts life is offering you.

Do: King of Cups

This King is sat comfortably on a throne atop a rock in the middle of the ocean.  Not the most secure place to be, you might think.  Yet, he seems quite at ease, enjoying watching the waves splash and the dolphins leap.  He looks calmly out, almost as though enjoying a cocktail while watching the sunset.  I love his clothes, too, with a deep blue around his chest and up to his throat (and throat chakra), and with a sea green below the waist and on the sleeves beneath his top.  Finally, a wave-like pattern at his hem, with a touch of wise, royal purple peeking out, as though lining the inside of his robe.  He stays calm in the face of wild emotions, keeping his own in control, sometimes by rigidifying them (the golden fish necklace he wears).

Bringing this all together, I see the suggestion that this week will require some strategic thinking and planning.  That fits, as I need to figure out when to run my next tarot magic webinars.  Someone asked me last week if I’d be running the tarot magic for weightloss webinar again, too, which I’d definitely like to do.  However, I also want to take the time to just enjoy the summer – this weekend has been really enjoyable, playing in the local playground, sitting out in the garden, and going swimming, too.  So, I shall stay in touch with what I have to be grateful for in the moment, as well as thinking ahead.  And as for the King of Cups, he tells me to keep my equanimity, both while figuring out logistics, and while dealing with the children.

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8 Responses to “Robin Wood Reading”

  • I have always had a fondness for this deck too. It’s one I often return to. I think it is the courts. I spent some time on my old blog, writing about them and I think they stuck with me.

    Lovely post. I often just forget to enjoy time and what we have around us. A nice reminder. Sometimes it is the walk to the station which brings me that meditative moment, where I am just ‘at one’ with my surroundings.

    • Yes, it doesn’t have to be long or “esoteric”. Love your walk to the station example, Steve. And yes, I think the Courts are particularly strong in this deck 🙂

  • Ha ha the King of Cups looks like a lifeguard at the pool: enjoying the summer fun but keeping his eyes constantly on the swimming kids.
    I hope you can find the time to enjoy the pleasures of Summer since Autumn is waiting just around corner

    • Tee hee, I’d never have seen that pool lifeguard connection, Ellen 😀 And yes, Autumn has come, but it’s beautiful, too – plenty of days in the park still, I hope 🙂

  • I hung onto this deck for a long time and then realised it had been years been since I’d done more than pick it up, decide against it and put it back. So I sold it. I did like the way the courts’ clothing is decorated with fire, water, air and …what was it? Green plants? 🙂

    • The Pentacles vary between brown and green, with plenty of plants 🙂 I hadn’t used this deck in a while, either, but I spent a couple of months using it with a specific client, and really enjoyed it!

  • I love all the kingly energy you have around you this week! This deck has never drawn me in, but I know that many readers really love it. The imagery is certainly clear and accessible. I have always admired the Magician card in the Robin Wood, I will say! I hope you find that balance you need, and I am sure that your Tarot Magic for Weight Loss webinars will take off (it’s such a great concept!).

    • Different decks seem to suit us at different times. Right now, I’m totally in love with the Raven’s Prophecy Tarot 🙂 And about to start back into webinars – funny I “found” these comments now… 😉


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