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Have You Seen the Light(house)?

BF-Idiosynracdeck-Overview1That image from the Judgement card is one of the few that really gave me pause.  Otherwise, I find the Idiosyncradeck Tarot (Cracked Amethyst, 2016) to be delightfully easy to read.  The cards are a little bit overlaminated, but with good quality card stock.  And the backs are beautiful, with a kind of  flower wreath, three crystals at the centre, and stars and keys around the outside.

How to interpret that Judgement, though?  What I’ve come to is that when things feel overwhelming, it indicates being able to see the light and move forward with a renewed sense of direction 🙂

Most of the rest of the Majors, although also in this simple style and without traditional symbolism, are still very clear, and clearly RWS influenced.  For instance, there is the dandelion puff floating on the wind for the Fool, or the huge mountain for the Emperor, or two flamingos leaning in together and forming a heart shape between them for the Lovers.

As for the Courts, these are also very interesting, not containing any people.  For each rank, there is a common sky colour – the Pages are pink, the Knights pale blue, the Queens lavendar, and the Kings purple.  And the fact that their skies have rays of light distinguishes them at a glance from the Minors.  Other than that, they are expressive, as you can see with the Queen of Cups: a steaming mug of something (hot chocolate, maybe), and candles and crystal wands show her to be a spiritual, empathic person 🙂

BF-Idiosyncradeck-Overview2The Aces are equally clear.  For instance, the Ace of Cups is running over, RWS-style.  However, the water is poured from a cutesy teapot with little red hearts.  It’s still all about emotion, love, and the source thereof.

The Minors continue this simplicity, while also offering interesting perspectives.  The Seven of Swords, for instance, has a sword dropping into the depths of the ocean.  Is it sneakily hiding just beneath the surface?  Or has this blade been stolen, then accidentally dropped?  The moonlight lends an air of mystery to the scene, and the bubbles rising through the water suggest there is more going on below, out of our sight…

Altogether, I have thoroughly enjoyed this deck.  It is very clear, with quirky and cute images.  It has no nudity or gore, making it a good “all-audience” deck.  And though simple, it still offers subtle depths.

To see a video overview, showing all the cards, click here.

One Response to “Have You Seen the Light(house)?”

  • Perhaps because of the insanity that has gripped the political process here in the States, the Judgment card made me think how easy it is to get caught up in the herd mentality rather than question whether something is right or wrong. You’ve enabled me on this one!


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