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What does self-compassion look like?

On Wednesday, Bev made a comment on my previous post highlighting the need for self-compassion rather than either self-indulgence or self-criticism (so much easier).  It made me wonder, what would that even look like?  So, that’s what I decided to ask the Dreams of Gaia Tarot (Blue Angel, 2016).  And to follow up, I asked: what can help me achieve it?

What would self-compassion look like? – Death/Rebirth 

Self-compassion is like a glowing hug you give your Inner Child.  It acknowledges the darkness in life, and in yourself, yet is able to transform it through acceptance and love.  Acceptance doesn’t mean staying with the darkness, rather acknowledging it so you can release it.
In the snake, I see a message of having to shed what doesn’t serve.  That isn’t always easy.  It helps to have a goal in mind, seeing a picture of my desired future, a reminder of why I want to do things differently.
The frog makes me think of looking with curiosity at myself: not criticising or indulging, but just allowing with curiosity, trying to understand.
“Listening and being curious and wide-eyed in the world, I think, is what allows us to move forward, progress, evolve and learn and alter our behaviour and become more self-aware.” Andrew Zuckerman

What can help me be compassionate towards myself? – King of Air 

In the eagles, I see the idea of listening to the wisdom of others.  Things such as Bev’s comment, which so clearly pinpointed the issue; or wise quotes from sages past and present; or the whispers of spirit that come in meditation.
There is a need, too, to be balanced in this.  To recognise the excesses of self-indulgence and self-criticism when they arise, and then to cut them out.  I find talking things through can help in this regard.  I’ve been feeling a bit paranoid of late, another aspect of self-criticism: ‘she didn’t like me because I’m no good’ kind of thing.  Asking for, and being willing to accept, honest feedback can help here.
The lines of runes make me think of writing: lists and journalling.  I know that keeping track of what I’m eating will help me know where I am, what I need to accept.  And journalling helps me work through the emotions that come up, so I can understand them and see them outside of myself, with curiosity.


4 Responses to “What does self-compassion look like?”

  • Oooh, I love this post! Yes, acknowledging and releasing darkness is certainly not for the faint of heart, but is so deeply rewarding in the end…. I love that you pulled Death/Rebirth for this question. I think part of this is understanding that we are perfectly imperfect – we are always dying and bring reborn, throughout our lives. Change, growth, development is a process. Learning how to honor that is a huge part of being self-compassionate.

    • That’s so true, Olivia! It can be tough to stay in touch with self-compassion, when what that means is constantly changing. Ah, the challenges life throws us 🙂


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