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Tarot Bridge Spell1This week’s deck really lives up to its name: the Lumina Tarot (Inner Hue, 2015).  Not that every card is luminous, though many are, but in each there is a play of light and dark, with the odd sprinkle of colour.

As for reading with it, I decided to go with the spread I use most often in my magical life coaching sessions: the Bridge Spell/Spread.

Lumina Tarot Bridge Reading1) Current situation or issue – Queen of Swords

Dressed in a black unitard, with a belt of coins around her hips, a sword in one hand and a bird of prey on the other, this Queen seems to add more physicality to the archetype than is normal.  I like that she is young and attractive, as some Queens of Swords can be portrayed as rather bitter and twisted.  Instead, she highlights the aspects of strategic thought, clear insight, and honest communication which can, nevertheless, be dressed up in pretty words.

Certainly, I recognise myself in this Queen.  She’s my birth Court card and an archetype I try to embody: someone fairly analytical, who focuses on strategy, and tries to communicate in the clearest possible way, but also highlighting compassion and understanding which come from personal experience that has been processed.

2) Desired/desirable outcome – Maiden (Page) of Cups

Although this Maiden is also dressed in black, her outfit is softer, a gently draped dress rather than the clear lines of the unitard.  The Maiden bends low in front of her cup, her arms raised so she looks through the triangle formed by her hands.  Acting from a place of emotion affects what she sees.  The ends of her hair are pink, colour of tender emotions.  Behind her is an ourouborous, a snake biting its own tail.  Emotions come full circle, if we allow ourselves to sit with them.

The best outcome for me this week is to be open to seeing things from a more emotional perspective, not just thinking I already have the answers, or that logic can answer every question.  Spending time on contemplation, on seeing from the heart, will improve my understanding.

3) Energy needed – Three of Swords

Three swords pierce a rose in full bloom.  I like the way ink splatters out from the top, but blood seeps from the bottom.  The pain our ideas cause can lead us to communicate messily, and that in turn can cause more pain, to ourselves and others.  On the other hand, sometimes we need to cut through something with our thoughts and words, to allow a cleansing.

As the energy needed, I see the necessity to be aware of the fallout from what I say and do.  This awareness needs to be not purely intellectual, but also emotional.  The Three of Swords is a balance of emotion and thought, just like the balance between the Queen of Swords and the Maiden of Cups.  There may also be a need to cut through to the heart of emotional questions, using thoughts and words to penetrate the layers of the situation.

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