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This Spread Will Show You How To Trust

How often have you wondered where you’re going, and whether you can make it? That’s something that came up for me this week, after a couple of encounters. I considered using again the choices spread from a couple of weeks ago, which I’ve been throwing for a variety of issues, even just for a quick situational read.

Then, I remembered a life coaching spread I created at the end of last year. It’s based on the acronym TRUST. Now, you might think that a playful, monster tarot was a bit childlike for something like this. However, I figure that playful and childlike might be just right for exploring the thorny issue of trust. And I also thought that, while this question seems like one about choices, there may be some deeper goal underlying both options I’ve been thinking about.

So, I drew cards from the Monstarot (Joanna Nelson, 2017), a very cute, self-published deck.

Target – What do you really want to achieve? – Two of Cups

This Two of Cups is one of those perfect tarot synchronicities. When I chose this spread, based on the ideas of transpersonal coaching, I thought that there might be something underlying both main pushes in my life. In some ways they are very different: one is solitary, the other communal. Yet, I thought there was probably a strong common element. This card expresses that perfectly!

I want to connect with others in a way that is spiritual and healing. I want to see and be seen, to acknowledge the importance of interpersonal relations: no one is an island. Both foci are aimed at that, though they seem so far apart looking at them from the outside.

Restrictions – What is blocking you? – The Wheel of Fortune

Oh yes, the Wheel of Life just keeps spinning around, making it hard for me to focus on either area, never mind both!

In the moments of calm, of sudden inspiration while walking home after the morning school run, of sitting to meditate before bed, I definitely feel like the happy blue monster at the top of the wheel. Other times, though, I feel as trepidatious as the red monster. It’s just been through the bedtime from hell, or having its computer destroyed by a drumming toddler!

Uniqueness – What inner strength can help you? – High Priestess

So, what is my uniqueness, my strengths that will help me achieve my goals?

The High Priestess is the perfect card, once again. It reminds me that I can listen: to my own inner whispers, and to the stories of others. I can connect to source to feel inspired and uplifted, and can share that with others through my work.

I love that this little monster offers a resting spot to a moth. This is transformation, like the butterfly. Yet it acknowledges the dark places we sometimes have to go through in the process!

Solutions/Steps – What is/are the solution and/or next step/s? – Queen of Cups

Isn’t this Queen of Cups lovely? I adore that she has found a ‘rock’ to lean on. She has support and someone to share her burdens and her joys with.

This Queen tells me I need to acknowledge and nurture my emotions and those of the people I work with. In particular, I see her advising a course of self-care. The last month or so has been really tough, and beating myself up for being behind schedule in both these areas isn’t really helping!

As for her rock, it reminds me to make sure my support network is strong. And to acknowledge how much I rely on others, and thank them for that support.

Trust – What will help you trust in yourself and the universe? – Four of Swords

The Four of Swords goes really well here, too. Our little monster friend is sitting meditating. Their third eye point is highlighted, and I love the way they are sitting with their tail wrapped under them to make it a more comfy seat. Not only are there three swords dangling above – a la Sword of Damocles – but there are candles burning atop the swords. The monster also has a bug floating by their ear. Is this a Gepetto figure, whispering advice, or a little annoyance trying to disturb their calm? Or perhaps just a friend joining in…

Taking time to meditate regularly certainly helps me still my inner critic. It also helps me get clearer about what is going on, and what to do. When I meditate, I feel I connect to something bey0nd myself, and that definitely builds my trust in the universe. There is always a warm presence, a helpful connection, if I take the time to seek it out!

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2 Responses to “This Spread Will Show You How To Trust”

  • What a lovely spread/reading and that deck is just super cute! I’m trying very hard NOT to buy it now 🙂 Meditation is definitely the way forward… I’m curious to see what card I get in the advice on how to cultivate trust position. Will hopefully have a bit of time to give this spread a go later today. Thanks, Chloe! xx


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