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What Structure To Put In Place?

After last week’s reading and its advice to get more structured, I carried on about my life.  I was hoping that a clear structure would coalesce with my intention.  However, by Thursday I had to concede that it wasn’t just going to happen by itself.

Deciding to turn to the tarot for some help, I drew five cards asking what I should make the focus of each day of the week.  Here’s the line of images from the Green Witch Tarot (Llewellyn, 2015).


Monday – Ace of Cups

Mondays are a day for falling in love anew and for making some kind of connection.  Or for just getting into the flow.  So, a good day for reading with a new deck and sharing something personal.  Or for whatever spills forth from my heart.

Tuesday – Eight of Cups

A day for seeking a higher truth, or for leaving behind everyday emotions.  I also notice how in this image the guy has a bag full of scrolls.  Perhaps a time for gathering thoughts, reading other people’s work, and studying…

Wednesday – Three of Pentacles

What I see here is harmony, collaboration and also learning from the wisdom of the ages.  There’s a project I’ve embarked on which is hopefully about to enter a collaborative period.  So, working on that on Wednesdays sounds like a good idea.

Thursday – King of Pentacles

I have to admit, my first thought when I saw this guy was “A day for just enjoying life and taking things easy.”  My second thought was that he is the King of the physical and the practical.  Perhaps a day for blogging over on about wellness and success…

Friday – Five of Athames

Looks like the guy who is seated is gathering athames, with their sharp blades all pointed towards him.  He’s getting more athames from the second guy, stocking up on good ideas.  I notice the peacock in the background and the peacock’s feather in the first dudes hat.  He needs all these ideas to show himself to good advantage.  Looks like another study day, to me!

Friendly input gratefully received: what do you see here?

To read journal prompts based on the these cards, visit the TABI blog.




2 Responses to “What Structure To Put In Place?”

  • Monday – Complete focus on the family and/or your spiritual/emotional needs.
    Tuesday – Segue from taking care of the family/self to work.
    Wednesday – Focus on work.
    Thursday – A work/home assessment; assess what’s working and what’s not. Choose what is best benefits everyone (including yourself).
    Friday – Sharpen your salesperson approach (I see the young fellow as trying to sell the older one a new knife).

    • I like the flow of your take on this, Bev. And your reading of the Five of Athames made me laugh 🙂 Interesting, as I wasn’t really factoring family into it – I guess because I see them as an ever-present constant…


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