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Sweeney Tarot Three Brain Reading

BF-Sweeney-3BrainSpreadThis week’s deck is one I discovered by exploring the artists involved in the creation of the Tarot Pink: the Sweeney Tarot by Lee Bradford (available through the GameCrafter in regular and poker size).  I did an unboxing video of it on Friday, if you’d like to see all the card images.

And carrying on with the life coaching inspired spreads, this one is based on the Three Brain Model.  This acknowledges that we have huge concentrations of neurons not only in our brain, but also in our heart and gut – hence we have three brains.  However, these do not always agree on what we should be doing.  So, a card for each brain, and then a final card for what we should actually do…

  1. Head – King of Swords

I love the cool, calm look of this “Advisor.  He writes in a huge ledger with an equally enormous quill pen.  Pale blue light bathes him from above, leaving the back of the book in shadow.  He is highly rational and logical, methodical and clear.

My head is full of ideas about what is “right” and “proper”.  It includes lots of to-do lists, and taking calm but incisive action.  This is often a good thing – being organised and rational is, after all, the province of the head brain.  Yet, too often the head believes itself to be the only brain, the one in charge, and does not pay sufficient mind to the messages being sent from the other brains.  Let’s see what those are:

BF-Sweeney-3BrainRdg2. Heart – Four of Pentacles

Rather unusually, this card is titled Charity (which I would associate more with the Six of Pentacles, titled Aid in this deck).  The hand above holds a coin which it drops in the hand held out below it.

Being generous with your resources, rather than hoarding them, seems almost the opposite of the traditional Four of Pentacles image.  In both cases, though, it’s about how you choose to use your resources.  Locking them away may preserve them for later, but on the other hand, life is about flow.  Stagnation serves no-one.

My heart tells me to be generous rather than weighing everything up according to the rules and measures of the King of Swords.  To be open to giving and receiving, rather than focusing on what is right and proper.

3. Gut – Six of Cups

I love this card!  A couple sit together, enjoying some quiet time and remembering the joys of the past – good memories, indeed.  And it’s not just the memories, its sharing them in the present.

Like the Four of Pentacles, this is a card about openness and emotion and sharing.  Remembering what I cared about in the past may be a good guide to what suits me now, too.  And while that may not always make logical sense that the King of Swords would appreciate, it is powerful, none the less.

BF-Sweeney-3BrainRdg24. What to Do – Ten of Swords

Fascinating card!  Look at those different types of blade buried in that curved back turned away from them.  And the title: Uprising…

I need to rise up against the tyranny of my analytical self, to listen more to my heart and my gut.  There is something that needs to end, even if it makes no rational sense to do so.  I need to stop holding on, and allow things to flow, in a way that will honour my dreams from the past and create good memories for the future.

This probably doesn’t mean that I need to entirely stop making to-do lists and thinking things through.  Simply, that I mustn’t let those elements take complete control.  They are a useful adjunct, rather than the only way forward.  And if they get in the way of generosity and emotional connection, then I need to release them in favour of other ways of acting.

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5 Responses to “Sweeney Tarot Three Brain Reading”

  • Strange, seeing this deck in action makes me appreciate it so much more!
    I love this spread and I am definitely going to try this one for myself very soon! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • You’re very welcome, Ellen! I hope you did try this spread, and got some insight from it 🙂

  • Yes, this deck does read well. The 4 of Pentacles is my bday decan card so any depiction other than ‘the miser’ usually works for me lol It’s funny really… this is the card with THE most varied interpretation across all decks I’ve come across so far… I suppose the confusion started with the RWS/Thoth rift where we moved from an image of a miser to ‘Power’… Guess which one I prefer? Thanks for sharing this simple but powerful spread and the equally powerful reading. Blessings

    • Or I should say, the Minor Arcana card with the most varied visual interpretation… We get some strange stuff going on with The Hanged Man, The Devil and Judgement in the Majors. Just out of curiousity… When did you last come across a card that you thought was WAY off what it ‘should’ mean? Or do you just work with whatever IS?

      • Yikes, sorry for losing these comments in my inbox, Lisa. Interesting about the different takes on the Four of Pentacles. Yes, if I think about some versions, you might have someone bottling produce for the winter in the positive RWS version, or being locked in a prison, in a negative Thoth version.
        As for varied interpretations, most times I just work with whatever IS, keeping in mind more “traditional” interpretations for if they feel helpful 🙂


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