Ace Energy

Previous Blog/ Master List/ Next Blog Welcome to this Imbolc Blog Hop.¬† I can hardly believe it’s been five years, now, since the first blog hop!¬† And yet, while the Tarot Blog Hop isn’t new, this time of year always suggests new seeds, new beginnings.¬† So, Arwen, who started this hop those many years ago, Continue reading »

What Structure To Put In Place?

After last week’s reading and its advice to get more structured, I carried on about my life.¬† I was hoping that a clear structure would coalesce with my intention.¬† However, by Thursday I had to concede that it wasn’t just going to happen by itself. Deciding to turn to the tarot for some help, I Continue reading »

Have You Seen the Light(house)?

That image from the Judgement card is one of the few that really gave me pause.¬† Otherwise, I find the Idiosyncradeck Tarot (Cracked Amethyst, 2016) to be delightfully easy to read.¬† The cards are a little bit overlaminated, but with good quality card stock.¬† And the backs are beautiful, with a kind of¬† flower wreath, Continue reading »

Dame Darcy’s Mermaid Tarot: Just a Fishy Clone?

If you prefer to see a video review, check out this link. This self-published deck, Dame Darcy’s Mermaid Tarot (2012), has garnered quite a following.¬† In part, I imagine it’s due to the theme: mermaids capture our imagination and speak strongly to our intuition.¬† Yet, compared to fairies or vampires, there are very few mermaid Continue reading »

The Frideborg Tarot: Just A Bunch of Photos?

The Frideborg Tarot is a photographic deck, with images selected by Lisa (Frideborg) Eddy (2016 – email her if you’re interested in getting a copy, or you can download the digital version for free!)¬† I was somewhat surprised to hear someone say that choosing a bunch of images and calling them a deck isn’t really Continue reading »

Kinetic Tarot Overview

I was a little disappointed with the Kinetic Tarot (The Game Crafter, 2014) when I first opened it.¬† Partly because of the inconsistancy of the Minors: some are semi-illustrated, rather than having a human element or touch to them that I was expecting, and which others have.¬† Also, a number of the images are somewhat Continue reading »