What To Do With The Pig-Headed Emperor of Paperwork…

Another Tarot de Marseille this week, the ‘restored’ deck from Jodorowsky and Camoin (Dg-Exodif, 1997/2006). I’m working with an organisation and things have been slow going of late. So, I asked what I should know about the situation:   The Cards The Emperor is, of course, the perfect representative of organisational structure. He is seated Continue reading »

A Subtle Play of Light and Dark: The Lumina Tarot

The Lumina Tarot (Inner Hue, 2015) is often compared with the Wild Unknown Tarot (Kim Krans, 2012).  Certainly, they both make good use of black and white images with splashes or explosions of colour.  And both have semi-illustrated Minors, and a lot of animals prominent in the cards.  To see the entire deck, check out Continue reading »

Thelema Tarot Overview

The Thelema Tarot (Lo Scarabeo, 2015) has gleaned quite a number of fans already.  Unsurprising, when you think that it’s a very beautiful photocollage deck based on the RWS, with lovely colours and a rather magical feel to it.  Certainly, Lo Scarabeo must have thought it was something a bit special, too, as they have Continue reading »

Sweeney Tarot Three Brain Reading

This week’s deck is one I discovered by exploring the artists involved in the creation of the Tarot Pink: the Sweeney Tarot by Lee Bradford (available through the GameCrafter in regular and poker size).  I did an unboxing video of it on Friday, if you’d like to see all the card images. And carrying on Continue reading »

Golden Universal Tarot Reading

This week’s deck has been around for a couple of years, but I only gave into the temptation recently.  Basically, the Golden Universal Tarot (Lo Scarabeo, 2013) is Lo Scarabeo’s Universal Tarot (2002) with gold inlay added.  It was an irresistible notion for my magpie tendencies.  However, it is not one that scans well, as Continue reading »