This is What You Need to Grow Your Heart

In many circumstances, we’re told that you need to grow, to develop yourself, constantly. And there’s certainly nothing wrong with always learning and exploring. However, sometimes the goals and targets feel imposed from outside, or like they aren’t in harmony with your true self. I came across something like that in some of my reading Continue reading »

Gendron Tarot Overview: Neither Fish Nor Fowl

This week’s deck, the Gendron Tarot (US Games, 1997) is by “visionary artist” Melanie Gendron.  Personally, I feel that all artists are visionaries to some degree.  Still, looking through the LWB it seems that she is given this title because she meditated and did rituals to help her understanding of the metaphysical aspects of the Continue reading »

Golden Universal Tarot Reading

This week’s deck has been around for a couple of years, but I only gave into the temptation recently.  Basically, the Golden Universal Tarot (Lo Scarabeo, 2013) is Lo Scarabeo’s Universal Tarot (2002) with gold inlay added.  It was an irresistible notion for my magpie tendencies.  However, it is not one that scans well, as Continue reading »