Legless Lords, Charging Charioteers, and Lady Justice

Ciro Marchetti’s latest creation, the Tarot Decoratif (self-published, 2016), is a Marseille-style deck with a difference.  He incorporates RWS imagery within the pip cards, while maintaining the predominance of the suit emblems.  However, you can’t see any of that in this week’s reading, as only Courts and Majors came up! Situation – Cavalier de Coupes Continue reading »

Purity of Emotion: the Frideborg Tarot

The Frideborg Tarot (Lisa Eddy, 2016) is a very interesting, photographic deck.  The images used have been digitally altered and compiled, and although they are generally far from traditional, they are still strongly influenced by RWS ideas. Situation – Justice A statue of Lady Justice stands looking down from on high.  Around her is a Continue reading »

Reflecting Back and Forwards

While using Lisa’s prompts in my reflections on 2015, I realised that I want to reflect not just on what is gone, though that is important.  One of the things I love best about life coaching is that there is a strong future focus.  Not denying the past, but building on it: planning for the Continue reading »