When the Transpersonal and the Magical Meet…

Having recently spotted a transpersonal coaching acronym, I couldn’t resist converting it into a tarot spread!  This one looks great for figuring out how to move towards a goal you believe in, taking into account your own strengths and also allowing in inspiration from the universe đŸ™‚ TRUST Target – What do you really want Continue reading »

What Is Magical Life Coaching?

Sometimes, you say something and you know exactly what you mean.  Then, you realise that the person you’re speaking with has a quite different understanding, or isn’t at all sure what you mean. Having asked around, that seems to be the case with Magical Life Coaching.  So, I’d like to take the opportunity to explain Continue reading »

Reflecting Back and Forwards

While using Lisa’s prompts in my reflections on 2015, I realised that I want to reflect not just on what is gone, though that is important.  One of the things I love best about life coaching is that there is a strong future focus.  Not denying the past, but building on it: planning for the Continue reading »