A Big Volcano Calling: New Century Tarot

I’m really enjoying this week’s deck, with its bright colours and U.S. Games’ quality, easy-to-shuffle card stock.  The New Century Tarot (2003) by Rolf Eichelmann combines pips with simple illustrations, giving readers the best of both worlds.  On to the reading… 1) Situation/Issue – Judgement Various figures step out of the flow of the stream Continue reading »

Hello Oma, How Are You?

Previous Blog/ Master List/ Next Blog This year, for our Samhain Blog Hop, Arwen gave us the topic: commune, communicate, commemorate.  I looked at the spread I used last year, but it didn’t feel appropriate this time around. The person I want to commune with this Samhain is my step-grandmother, who I called Oma (German Continue reading »

Robin Wood Tarot Overview

The Robin Wood Tarot (Llewellyn, 1991) has been in print continuously for nearly twenty five years now, a testament to its enduring charms.  It was an early pagan-themed tarot deck, removing much of the Christian symbolism found in the Rider Waite Smith, and replacing it with more nature-based imagery.  It is quite “caucasian”, and rather Continue reading »

The Shadow Of Oz Tarot Reading

This week, it’s another self-published tarot funded through Kickstarter: the Shadow of Oz Tarot (Illogical Associates, 2014).  This is a collaborative deck, created by a number of comic book artists.  As such, it’s more cohesive than some collaborative decks, while still clearly having a variety of artistic styles. Now: Queen of Discs It’s interesting having Continue reading »

Tarot of the Zircus Magi Overview

The Tarot of the Zircus Magi (Duck Soup Productions, 2014) is a fun, circus-themed deck.  The suits have been renamed Batons (Wands), Buckets (Cups), Blades (Swords), and Rings (Pentacles). The card stock has a nice feel to it, and is durable, if a little thicker than I prefer for shuffling.  And I find some of Continue reading »