What To Do With The Pig-Headed Emperor of Paperwork…

Another Tarot de Marseille this week, the ‘restored’ deck from Jodorowsky and Camoin (Dg-Exodif, 1997/2006). I’m working with an organisation and things have been slow going of late. So, I asked what I should know about the situation:   The Cards The Emperor is, of course, the perfect representative of organisational structure. He is seated Continue reading »

What A Line Up This Is!

I’ve been eating poorly again, and wondering what’s going on, and what to do about it.  So, Tarot Bridge Reading/Spell to the rescue 😀  I drew three cards from the recently released Modern Spellcaster’s Tarot (Llewellyn, 2016). I wasn’t surprised to see a ‘difficult card’ in the ‘situation’ position.  However, the whole line up of Continue reading »

Tarot of the Zircus Magi Overview

The Tarot of the Zircus Magi (Duck Soup Productions, 2014) is a fun, circus-themed deck.  The suits have been renamed Batons (Wands), Buckets (Cups), Blades (Swords), and Rings (Pentacles). The card stock has a nice feel to it, and is durable, if a little thicker than I prefer for shuffling.  And I find some of Continue reading »