Where Am I Really Powerless?

Carla of Rowan Tarot shared a great spread last week for exploring big changes.  However, my focus, inspired by repeated visits by the card of the same name from Bev‘s Elements of Recovery deck (2016), is Powerlessness.  So, I decided to tweak the spread in that direction.  As for my deck this week, it is Continue reading »

Dark Goddess Tarot Reading

Once again, I’ll be using a coaching-inspired spread this week, drawing from Ellen Lorenzi-Prince’s Dark Goddess Tarot (Arnell Art, 2013).  The acronym this time is QUEST: What is my QUEST? – Hag (King) of Water (Cups) – Ran The booklet tells us that Ran is a Norse Goddess of the Drowned.  The little catchphrase for Continue reading »

The Magic of Distasteful Cards

Previous blog/ Master list/ Next blog The topic that tarot bloggers around the world are writing on today is: what to do when ‘distasteful’ cards come up in a reading. For me, one of those cards has been the Hierophant.  In its negative aspect, this card can signify dogma, and authoritarian people and institutions.  Having Continue reading »