Lounging naked on a beach as a Tower moment? Come on, Tarot of Delphi!

There is no doubt that the Tarot of Delphi (J.D. Hildegard Hinkel, 2014) is beautiful.  The card stock is firm and fairly thick, without being overly glossy or unmanageable.  The backs are black, with an orange, organic pattern to them, and a border with leaves in the corners.  I’d have preferred a dark, chocolate back, Continue reading »

McCullough Tarot Overview

The McCullough Tarot is a lovely, poker-sized, self-published deck.  The cards are borderless, flowing nicely into one another to create a story in a reading.  The card stock feels good to me: it doesn’t have the warp to it that some self-published decks do, and it shuffles very smoothly both hand-over-hand and in a riffle.  Continue reading »