The Magic of Hypnosis

“It is common to talk about hypnosis in magical terms, because the effects are often as close to magic as people ever experience outside of the cinema.  In many respects I think the analogy is apt.  The basis of magic is transformation, from one thing to another, from one place to another.  So is the Continue reading »

Are You a SHEro?

“Instead of focusing on slaying mystical dragons with magical swords, or using strength to overcome obstacles and enemies, the SHEro focuses on the journey within, a journey of reconnection and remembering of who she is, a reclaiming of what she has once lost.” Rebecca Kane While many a Jungian would argue that mystical dragons are Continue reading »

My Magical Journey

People who knew me at University would be (and are) very surprised when they find out what I do these days.  I guess reading tarot and running workshops on magic would be weird enough anyway, but when you add in the fact that when they knew me I was studying law, well… I thought I’d Continue reading »