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Tarot of the Old Path Reading

BF-TotOP-RdgHaving had this deck for quite a few years, I was inspired to pull it out again by a post by Arwen in the Summer Solstice blog hop.  Any deck that Arwen loves deserves a bit closer attention than I’ve given the Tarot of the Old Path (AGMüller, 1990) thus far.  So, I’ll be using it for my daily Instagram readings, as well as here on the blog 🙂

Now: XX – Karma

Renamed Karma, the image here still speaks to a spiritual calling, and different life stages, as well as encouraging us to live according to the advice of our Higher Self.  Here we have the God and Goddess at the top, a starry space filled with souls, other souls at a lower level either reincarnating or helping those who have just died to move on.  As well as someone dying and a baby about to be born into the physical plane.

Thinking of it in terms of a calling, and living up to our best self, for me this week it’s about starting to offer my services as a magical life coach.  It’s something I feel strangely nervous about.  It’s not like it’s doing anything I haven’t done before, it’s more the selling myself that makes me nervous, I think.

Don’t: Four of Cauldrons

A man lies sleeping as a female figure pours water into the cauldron by his hand.  This speaks to not missing an opportunity that could be very emotionally fulfilling.

Interestingly, someone approached me asking about the services I offer that are more one-to-one.  This card suggests I need to grab this opportunity.  Even if this person doesn’t decide to take me on as their magical life coach, at least offering them the possibility seems like the right thing to do, and good practice, too…

Do: Justice

An old man stands with a scales in one hand, and a wand with an arrow top in the other.  I like the key hung around his waist.  When we take action to be fair and just, we can unlock amazing things.  Behind him, a stairway rises up a rock wall, and a dark swan rises up, as though emitting sunbeams.  Following our path with integrity, perhaps, even when the road is rocky and uneven?

For me, this is a reminder to weigh up all that has gone before, in order to make an offer that is fair to both myself and to those who might want to work with me as their magical life coach.  That includes all the training and knowledge I have gathered, but also honouring what the other person has done and where they are in life.  One size fits all is not necessarily the fairest approach!

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19 Responses to “Tarot of the Old Path Reading”

  • This is a huge step Chloe! I am so happy for you. For me the Justice is also about dividing your time fairly between all the aspects of your life, so won’t lose out on your precious much needed alone time

    • Hi Ellen, yes, it is a huge step. Thank you, I somehow feel it’s so natural I forgot to honour that it is a big change 🙂 And I like your suggestion that I also think about dividing my time fairly!

  • I think your nervousness is a good sign. People who think they know it all and can do it all have stopped learning. You will keep digging, and therefore have more to offer those who seek your help. 🙂
    I like the goose/swan as a replacement for the trumpeting angel!

    • Yes, I see your point, Bev. Still learning is always good, I guess it’s that fine line between it being a healthy stretch and feeling scary 😉 I think it’s the former…

  • The Four also speaks to me of being skillful in choosing who you’ll work with. Her offerings, which look to me much like milk flowing from her breast (suggesting what you have to offer is deeply nourishing), are going unnoticed by the recipient. Rather than accepting every potential client perhaps a quick, intuitive check-in could be a place to pause before going forwards. Wishing you all the best as you embody this new chapter in your life, Chloe!

    • What an interesting reading of the Four of Cups, Rose! I shall definitely keep that in mind 🙂

  • Moonstone

    What a powerful deck and a very exciting reading in terms of your future.
    I’m sure you will do well and nerves are a good thing, it shows you care but justice also asks you to be kind to yourself, this is a learning curve remember. You have to have experiences in order to weigh up the pro’s and cons, the what works and what doesn’t in order to find the right way for you.
    It is a fascinating subject and I can’t wait to read more.

    • You’re quite right, Helen, experience will make a difference! And yes, it is fascinating, it felt really good to be directly of service to someone outside of my kids again 🙂

  • I always find the way you interpret cards so soothing. There isn’t much detail that you forget to write about. I wish you the best in this next endeavor. I bet you will be great at it, and those that seek you out will be so glad they did! Blessed be.

  • Oh Chloe it’s so nice to see this deck. It was the third tarot deck I owned–I traded for it with a lady in Colorado–made her a tarot bag in exchange. For my deck I did up a cross-stitched apple tree and appliquéd it to a bag and then I put a cloisonné turtle and beads on the string. I just love this deck and its Medieval costumes.

    It looks so clean and fresh and really holds up. Here’s to old decks!

    • Oh, your bag sounds beautiful, JJ! Have to admit, I’m not so in love with this deck – some of the faces look strange and harsh to me. Other cards are amazing. The juxtaposition means some days I think it’s lovely, other days not so much…

  • I’m convinced you’d make a wonderful life coach. With your counseling expertise, your intuitive ability, your general ability to provide support while also having some intellectual separation from things (air sign!). I think you’d be ideal! Good luck and try not to worry too much. Easier said than done, I know! I need to not let fear stop me from things I want to do. I do feel that I’m learning the difference between true interests and just doing things because I think I should. Working on it! We’re all working through these things…


    • Yes, as you say, we’re all working through things, MM. Seems like this magical life coaching is being supported by the universe – I’ve already had my first session with my first client 😀


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