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Tarot of the Vampyres Reading

BF-Vampyres-RdgAug15After some encouragement from Ellen at Grey Lady’s Hearth, I decided to pull out the Tarot of the Vampyres (Llewellyn, 2010) again.  It’s a deck I blogged with back when it first came out, not long after I started the Inner Whispers blog.  And some of the same cards have come out again this week…

Now: Nine of Knives (Swords)

A blonde haired vampire is sat doubled over, a bloody knife in one hand.  Behind her, meat hooks hang and a darkly shadowed moon hangs low in the sky.  A moth, almost the same colour as her creamy gold dress, rises up from the bottom right corner.

Does she torment herself with thoughts of blood spilled?  Or is her worry that those meat hooks hang empty, her next meal not assured?  Surely, her beauty attracts human prey to her, life moths to her flame.  Yet even the undead can have doubts and uncertainties.

Don’t: The Moon

Another blonde vampire glows beneath the light of a full moon.  She wears a similar, frothy confection, with an almost transparent veil over her head.  In one hand she holds a bloody sickle, and behind her we see a misty cemetery.

A place of uncertainty, indeed!  In the shadows of the night, who can tell what is mist and what is a vampyre stalking her prey, ready to harvest a life to maintain her strength and beauty?

Do: (The Wheel of) Fortune 

On a background of thorny branches, a dark wheel turns.  At the top of the wheel are brighter, lighter blooms: pale green, yellow, white, orange and red.  At it’s base, the roses are a more subdued and sickly green, aqua, indigo, lilac and dusky pink.

In life, and death, there are moments of bliss, of feeling on top of the world, and moments when we feel that we cannot sink any lower.  The art is to try to stay close to the centre of the wheel, so the fluctuations aren’t as dramatic.  Or else to realise that the wheel will keep turning, no matter what happens, so why despair, tomorrow will be different.  And make the most of the moments of joy, they will also fade.

What I see in this is an upcoming exam on Wednesday.  Yes, I am a little worried, and I hope it won’t stop me sleeping.  The cards suggest that allowing doubts and uncertainties to overwhelm me is really unhelpful, and I should try to keep my emotions in check, bringing a bit of sunny reality to the picture.  The message here is to accept that it is what it is.  I can work as hard as I like, prepare as well as I can, and in the end it will be what it will be…

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4 Responses to “Tarot of the Vampyres Reading”

  • As you said, you can only prepare, and any predictions you try to make will probably only distract you. Hey, but I can predict for you, and I think you’ll do just fine! 😀

  • This is a very healthy attitude towards an exam. You can’t do more than your best and the rest is a matter of sheer luck.
    I wish you peace and quite in the center of the wheel and I think you will do a wonderful job. I will be thinking of you Wednesday

  • I love seeing this deck here! I’d been oohing and ahhing over at Ellen’s blog, and it’s nice to see a few more cards. Good luck with your exam! It’s hard not to worry at least a little bit when we are faced with formal assessments, but it is true that worrying doesn’t really help any. May you study hard, and sleep well 😉


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