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Tarot Pink Reading

BFTarotPink-GROWSpreadThis week’s deck, the Tarot Pink (Ron Leong, 2015), is one of the latest in a spate of collaborative decks.  Tarot and oracle luminaries like Ciro Marchetti, Jasmine Beckett-Griffith, James Ricklef, Pamela Steele and Roxi Sim rub shoulders with other less-known artists and tarotists.  In this case, it is all for a very good cause: breast cancer.

I’ll write more about the deck itself on Friday.  For today, I’ve taken it out for a spin with the most traditional version of the GROW Model, a classic of the coaching genre.

1) Goal – King of Wands

Oh, I love this King of Wands!  Certainly not traditional, she wears her pink trainers/sneakers with pride beneath her elegantly tailored jacket, smart trousers and stripy tie.  Her hair is in a funky, a short cut, it’s slight lop-sidedness softening what might otherwise be quite a hard look.  She holds an extremely long wand as she walks through a paved square hemmed in by stone buildings.  There is a Fleur de Lys sign hanging from one wall, traditionally an emblem of sovereignty.

This is someone who is dynamic and strong, who doesn’t mind breaking her own path in life.  She is definitely goal-oriented, and knows where she’s going, as it’s something she’s passionate about.  Yes, I’d like to feel that way this week!

BF-TarotPink-GROWRdg2) Reality – The Devil

Dear me, how different the reality!  A guy in a suit with a nasty leer holds the chains on a man smoking next to a bag of cash and an elegant woman next to a sunbed and more cash.

How much am I chained by my ideas of what I should be doing, how I should be ‘professional’ and ‘business focused’.  There has been lots of stuff flying around me telling me I should be doing this that and the other, achieving a certain definition of success.  How much do I let those ideas influence me?

3) Options – The World

A woman with butterfly wings stands behind a mandala.  She is reflected, so we see her twice.  A star shines at her forehead, and her wings are pink.

I could see myself as complete and whole in myself.  I could recognize that how I put myself out there will ultimately be how I am perceived.  Rather than fulfilling other people’s ideas and ideals, if I can stick to my own path, it will open up wonderful options that feel holistic and true.

At a more practical level, I see here the fact that having finished up a couple of things last week, it frees me up to start some new things!

4) Way Forward – Six of Coins (Pentacles)

This is a very odd card.  There are six golden spheres spread around the foreground, a scales further back, and an odd, truncated hand to one side, in a sign of blessing, or a hand gesture seen at various rock concerts.

I’ll stick with the obvious here.  The way forward is to find a healthy balance.  I need to give generously and also be open to receiving what I need, rather than what I think I want.  In terms of actions, I was planning a special offer on Magical Life Coaching, and that feels like the right step.  Newsletter subscribers, look out for that coming out to you on Friday!

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9 Responses to “Tarot Pink Reading”

  • I was curious to see if this deck would show up on anyone’s blog! I was motivated to buy one mostly to donate to the cause, and had already decided to give it away before I ever saw it. I did do a trim job on it first though, leaving the artist names but cutting off the other information, which I thought detracted from the images.

    • Yes, it does make the cards rather grey and text-filled 🙁 Don’t think I’ll use it enough to bother trimming it, though. Some of the art is very lovely, and as others have said, I could wish all the cards had more of a theme – some of them are very moving.

  • What an interesting deck! All four cards have intriguing, powerful images, rich in meaning! Your reading really resonated with me at this moment!

    • Glad it resonated with you, Ana. I don’t much like that Six of Pentacles, but I agree they are certainly all interesting 🙂

  • When you stick to being you, you can never go wrong. I think a life coach who strives to live and authentic life is the best inspiration for her clients!

    • That’s very true, Ellen! It’s so much better to be authentic. Still, that doesn’t preclude us learning new things along the way, it’s just when we doubt ourselves because of those ideas that we need to find a healthy balance again 😀

  • Sezo

    Fab spread!!! Do you have any other life-coaching style spreads to try?


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