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Inner Whispers

The Potential for Magic

This week’s deck is an oracle from the creator of the Incidental Tarot (Holly de Fount, 2012), one of my favourite decks of all time.  This is A Curious Oracle (Holly de Fount, 2015).  It is a beautiful little deck – smaller than poker size.  There are seven sets of seven cards, looking at different aspects of ourselves and our experience: body, motion, intuition, heart, mind, blessings, and spirit.  More on that later this week, for now to the reading:


Situation – Child Spirit – Potential

With a little child angel curled up asleep on the ground, this card is the first in the set of Spirit.  The deck comes with a single sheet of A4 giving brief descriptions of each card – just three lines each.  The last line for this card is “The chance to reconnect with and follow your life’s purpose.”

That’s something I spoke about last week, the feeling that I am making important changes to follow my calling.  Yet, this card also reminds me that this is still at the unfurling stage – plenty of potential, but perhaps not that much manifestation, for the moment.

Desirable Outcome – The Ruby Cup – Magic

Interestingly, the second card is the last card of the blessings set, so just before the Spirit Child card.  Do I need to take a step back in order to start manifesting that potential?  The card shows a ruby cup, a container for a magical potion, perhaps.

This makes me think about needing to contain my potential, to give it clear boundaries.  Seeds need to be planted in a space that isn’t too big for them, and watered and protected, if they are to grow.  My Dear One planted out some chard and tomato plants yesterday with the boys, leaving them inside their little, biodegradable pots while putting them into a bigger planter.  That way, they still have the boundaries to keep them safe while they grow.  Those boundaries dissolve slowly, rather than the plants suddenly having their roots exposed.

Okay, so I need something to help contain me.  Perhaps this is why I didn’t get much done on this new path last week – I need a clearer support structure in place before I move forward…

Energy Needed – The Fountain – Creativity

And yet, the energy I need, according to the cards, is Creativity!  This is a bit like the Ace of Cups on steroids 😀  A fountain of three cups, each overflowing into the one below, and with a star shining its light from above.

Overflowing creativity sounds good.  Perhaps, though, it needs to be correctly channeled to fill my Ruby Cup.  How can I pour my energy into creating a structure for myself?  What creative ways can I find to support my new direction?

More questions than answers this week…

And you’ll find more questions based on these cards over on the TABI blog, if you enjoy journal prompts.

4 Responses to “The Potential for Magic”

  • For me the expression of our creativity always takes place within the boundaries of the material world. For instance the choice of art supplies will largely determine the final result of the painting. Also when you think of structures, they do depend on available time, energy levels, babysitters etc. When you feel creative, it is good to actual do something with it and pour the raw energy in the containers of the physical realm
    Good luck!!!

    • It’s true, manifesting is always limited not by our imagination but by the physical posibilities offered to us. Sometimes, though, I think that there are also mental structures that help – like setting a timer for a certain amount of time, to create a limit for ourselves on how much time to spend on something. Other times, a piece takes as long as it takes – you’ve shown that beautifully with some of your work in progress posts, Ellen. A painting is done when it feels done. But I sometimes need boundaries – today, I will spend half an hour on this in the morning, between this and this time. If I stick to that, I don’t get overwhelmed, but I do get something done 😀

      • I know writers are often told to just write anything every day, even if they have nothing to say and feel as creative as a dried raisin. Sometimes just setting aside sacred time for creativity whether you have an idea or not can feed the inner fire. 🙂

        • Yes, a couple of times I did something of the sort, and I got the project done – yay! Hope you’ve had a good week, too, Bev 🙂


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