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Thelema Tarot Reading

Okay, I know it’s a bit corny, but I quite like how lots of life coaching models are words.  It does make them easier to remember 😀  This week’s spread is based on another of those: “What’s the SCORE?”  It’s a model to explore a problem or issue, and the acronym stands for Symptoms, Causes, Outcome, Resources and Ecology/Environment.  I’m using the Thelema Tarot (Lo Scarabeo, 2015) for this one.


I decided to use this model, as I’ve been eating worse than I’d like the last week.  By most people’s standards, it might not be bad at all.  I’ve had two bowls of granola after dinner some nights, and once I had two bowls of granola and about 30g of hazelnuts.  We’re not talking major binge, and it’s nothing really unhealthy.  Still, I felt out of control and that I was overeating compared to what my body actually needed, and that’s not a path I want to stay stuck on.


1) Symptoms – Five of Cups

I know this is a problem because, despite the relatively minor objective “badness”, I have felt regretful about my eating.  Also, it feels like it’s slipping into negative patterns from the past.  So, I’m left like this lady, with my head in my hands, feeling I’ve spoilt it all, spilled my cups of happiness through this poor behaviour.

2) Causes – Nine of Cups

Hmm, is my bad eating caused by my feeling I should “get my wish”, that I should be able to eat sweet treats after dinner?  Is it because I don’t have that Nine of Cups feeling: I’m not emotionally satisfied?  Perhaps a bit of both, if I’m honest.

3) Outcome – Two of Swords

This position represents my desired outcome, and straight away I knew what it referred to.  There was a discussion over on Bev’s blog ten days ago about pausing in negative patterns to reassess whether we really want to fall into that pattern, or change it.  My desired outcome is to be able to stop and think about what I’m eating and why, before I eat it.  As Bev said then, it must be a mindful pause.

I’ve been reading a book recently on integrating our different brains – the gut, head and heart.  A bit I read yesterday made it clear to me that I make some choices from my gut which should actually be made from my heart.  And look at this lady, with the swords crossed over her heart.  In that mindful pause, I need to do some heart-based thinking: to treat myself with compassion, and to find what I truly value rather than what my gut hungers for…

4) Resources – Seven of Cups

What will help me to achieve that mindful pause is having some different options to hand.  If I feel like my only choice for a treat is food, then if I really want a treat I’ll eat.  If I can come up with some options that feel like treats, or that just keep my hands busy, but which aren’t food, then I give myself a better chance to choose a different path when I remember to pause and think.

5) Ecology/Environment – Four of Cups

How does my environment support my problem, or how could it support my desired outcome?  I often eat when I’m feeling if not bored, at least rather passive and energyless.  However, if I can see those options from the resources card, then maybe I can turn that around.  The woman sitting in the flower reminds me of meditation, connected to mindfulness.  If I can be more mindful, rather than eating in front of the TV, I will do better.  How can I increase my mindfulness?  Perhaps, once again, by focusing on what emotions the food elicits in me, and figuring out other ways to get those feelings.

Overall, I think it’s notable that the reading is four Cups cards, with just that Two of Swords in the middle representing the balance point I need to strive for.  It’s all about emotional eating!

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11 Responses to “Thelema Tarot Reading”

  • What a beautiful and insightful reading. Not only on how to tackle overeating but on so many other addictive and/or mind numbing behavior.. Bev has made me aware of the practice of “Feeding your demons”. Maybe you are already familiar with this or else you could ask her about it. It is a very compassionate way of looking in to what it is your “demon” really needs and how to fulfill this wish so you won’t crave for substitutes.

    • Yes, I saw some of your and her comments about feeding demons – another way of approaching embracing your shadow, I think. Lovely 🙂 And as you say, it’s often tiredness – I know I’m tired, but I also feel like I want a bit of time to just relax with my Dear One, a tough call…

  • I don’t use spreads much these days, but I like this one. The Resources card seems like the hinge on which everything else can move in one direction or the other. Knowing there are other options is huge. Otherwise when those dominoes start falling, I’m liable to think I don’t have any choice in the matter.
    I’m not familiar with this deck; I was thinking “Thoth” when I saw what it was called, but it looks more like an RWS deck. It appears to be an easy to read one.

    • Interesting, I thought of the Outcome card as the hinge, as it’s at the centre and is about clarifying what you actually want and can achieve. Still, I see what you mean about the Resources… 🙂
      And yes, others have also commented on the Thelema/Thoth connection, I think it’s just the author’s “tarot name”.

  • I too understand how the sweets can creep in. The bloody “Wouldn’t it be nice to have a sweet after dinner?” thing can really get a grip on you. For a while I tired a bit of peanut butter and honey on a Ryvita, but it’s still feeding that sugar craving. Keeping your hands busy, getting up from the chair is a good idea. I also find that I crave things later at night when I’m tired. I think I’m bored but really I am tired and needing to go to bed!

    Yours in sweet cravings….;-)

    • Yes, the tiredness thing is a big one for me, with a Little One still not sleeping through the night, and wanting to get up between 4 and 5 most mornings 😮 Never thought of peanut butter and honey on ryvita – sounds rather delicious 😀

  • I can soooooooo relate to this, Chloe. I think the 4 of Cups boredom issue — what to do with those hands besides tearing open cookie packages in the evenings, perhaps in front of the TV, when the energy to do something more creative (7 of Cups) has disappeared into nowhere….

    If you’re up for it, try the modified low-carb approach. I’m finding a little more protein and way less carbs really helps curb my appetite.

    Good luck!
    Mary Hawkins

    • Hi Mary,

      Yes, I do a modified low-carb approach, too, and it helps a lot. The emotional or tired eating is now my only issue.

      Good luck to you, too 🙂


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