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Inner Whispers

This is what I’m pregnant with…

Turns out, last week’s Etteila Book of Thoth Tarot (Lo Scarabeo, 2012) was not really the deck I thought it was. The illustrations are very different from the Grand Etteilla (Grimaud, 2015), which is the deck I actually wanted for my research.

To be honest, the titles are better on the Book of Thoth. The Grand Etteilla doesn’t actually tell you what all the cards are, you have to look up the number (or learn his weird numbering system – not gonna happen!) Still, the images are the ones I needed for my talk at the UK Tarot Conference next month 😀

Anyhow, getting this deck meant I could finally complete my presentation for the Conference. Now, I’ve sent it off to Kim Arnold, the fabulous organiser of this global annual event.

The Reading

You might think that was what the cards were talking about this week. Look at that – Power, Pregnancy and Ideas!

Still, what I see is future-oriented, not telling me about the past 🙂

It’s interesting, having ‘Power’ for Strength reversed. To me, it seems like the strength of those animal drives, instead of being tamed, are harnessed towards a specific goal. Like converting anger into political action, I can channel the strength of my drives to useful purposes. Doing so gives me the energy to gestate new ideas.

My Interpretation

There are two things for me, here. Hmm, that’s so often the case, but then again, I am a Gemini 😉

Firstly, I’m doing a three-day training course this week, which is precisely about influencing your subconscious. I’m hoping to gain lots of new ideas there – pregnant with possibility.

Secondly, I’m gearing up to launch an all-new website. It’s something that I started thinking about months ago, if not years. Now, it’s finally happening! There’s still a lot that needs to be done between now and the launch. It’s that part of pregnancy where you just want the damn thing out, but it’s not quite cooked. Hopefully, channeling my ideas will get the job done 😀

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4 Responses to “This is what I’m pregnant with…”

  • I can remember how that felt at the end of nine months of pregnancy. Especially because my first one was a few days late. I hope everything will work out just fine. Launching a new website how exciting! 🙂

    • Ha ha, yes. I was lucky that both my real babies came exactly on their due date – I was ready for them to come. And yes, launching is exciting, though also a bit intimidating sometimes 😉

    • Ha ha, hadn’t thought of that 😀 Hope you’ve had a good week, too, Bev!


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