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Have You Visited the Garden of Love?

Uusi became pretty well-known due to the popularity of their Pagan Otherworlds Tarot (2016). This year they launched a raunchy version of the Tarot de Marseille, the Eros Tarot: Garden of Love (2017). It’s a seriously fun deck, with simple line drawings and minimal colour.

The Reading

In the Ace of Wands, a curvy, female angel grasps the base of a huge wand. This oversize phallus spurts profusely from the priapic head. Plenty of creative, generative energy here 😀

Yet, for that creativity to lead anywhere, it needs to be bound and channelled, as it is in the Eight of Wands. Generative energy needs structure, and an overriding direction, to bind it together. Some of that structure can come from the projects themselves, how different aspects interact to enhance each other. The binding, though, may need to be imposed from outside, something requiring commitment.

If this is achieved, there is the potential for a balance of new ideas to emerge. Like the two pale swords overlaying the larger eight in the Ten of Swords, it’s important to have a strong base of research. From this, a Hegelian synthesis can blossom. Yet, this card suggests not just one idea, but two, balancing and reinforcing one another. A new thesis and antithesis to continue engendering more ideas in the future, perhaps.

The Interpretation

What I see here for me is the potential to get lots done. There’s an abundance of energy available. However, it’s important that I decide my priorities, and commit to what I want to achieve. If I can intertwine different needs and requirements, all the better. All of this needs to be based on a solid support of research or clear ideas.

Two things spring to mind here.

Firstly, there’s some paperwork I need to get done. It’s not my favourite stuff to do – in fact it’s what I put off last month, and the month before that *doh*

Yet, it’s nearly done. Of twelve items, I’ve completed eight, and the other four are all at least half done. There’s two I need to finish today or tomorrow, while the others are more a question of form filling. Or in one case form emptying. #paperworksucks

Secondly, I’m preparing a presentation for the UK Tarot Conference. Although it’s still months away, I’ve been so enjoying the research that it’s filling my mind. It’s very nearly finished, too…

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4 Responses to “Have You Visited the Garden of Love?”

  • That is a serious amount of penis heads! LOL I’m almost afraid to ask what the cups and coins look like… 😀
    Hope the ‘seed’ of your intention to tie up loose ends finds its climax soon!

    • Lol, Bev! I did finish one of the four outstanding bits of paperwork already 😉
      As for the cups and the pentacles, they are a bit more subtle. The Cups have a bottom shape in the bit that joins the bowl to the stem, and one of the ‘leaves’ on the cups is red and looks like a vulva. The Pentacles have penis heads as petals inside them, and various serpentine creatures disporting themselves with cherries and peaches 😀

  • Quite an exciting deck. Reading with this system is a lot different than what I am used to. For now, it is not for me but I do see how it works for you though
    Happy writing Chloe and don’t; spill ink on your page 😀

    • Ha ha, Ellen, no risk of that, as I’m doing it all digitally 😉
      As for reading with these, I think it’s no different really to reading with a deck like the Wild Unknown. There are ‘traditional’ meanings for all the TdM cards you can memorise, but there are also wildly different interpretations, and a general consensus to ‘say what you see’. So, in the Eight of Wands, I saw the bundle of staffs being quite tidy and looking almost woven like wicker. Then, there’s the ring on the ribbon holding them, a symbol of commitment – simplz!


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