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Waking the Wild Spirit Tarot Reading

BF-WtWS-RdgHaving been reminded of this deck last week, I was glad to pull it out. The Waking the Wild Spirit Tarot, by Poppy Palin, is a beautiful faery-themed deck (Llewellyn, 2002).

Now: Queen of Earth: Mother of Life (Pentacles)

A woman’s face looks out at us from the bottom left quadrant of the card.  She looks earthy: brown hair, tanned face, a little tired.  Someone who spends time outdoors and keeps busy, who isn’t much bothered about appearances. To one side is a spider’s web, which speaks to me of perseverance and organisation.  The badger is very grounded, fierce when necessary.  And the rose hips offer medicinal benefits, a practical use of what some might prize more for its beauty.

This week, then, there is a focus on being organised and getting things done, while staying practical.

Don’t: 19 – Sky Dancer: Morning Star (The Sun)

A friendly-faced sun shines from the centre of this card, beaming rays that cover the whole rainbow spectrum.  In front of the sun, a beautiful fae woman dances, and bees buzz around big sunflowers.

This lovely image speaks of energy and creativity, while its subtitle reminds us that the coming of the sun represents a new dawn.  As what not to do, though, it suggests that pouring energy into new creative projects is not the most practical focus for this week.

Do: 21 – Reaper: Wild Harvest (The World)

A female figure, belly full of creative energy, melds fire and water.  From this mix, she harvests abundance.  This card suggests the end of a cycle, the harvest at summer’s end, after planting and tending, weeding and watering.

Overall, this reading has a Mercury retrograde feel to me.  The suggestion to stay practical and finish up things that I’ve already started, rather than plunging into something new.  To focus on the resources I have and what I can complete, rather than what I might be inspired to begin.  This makes a lot of sense to me.  There are several loose ends I need to tie up, both for my day job and with the Tarot Magic material I put together for the webinar.  While the call of the new is inviting, I’ll focus on tidying up and finishing things, instead.

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6 Responses to “Waking the Wild Spirit Tarot Reading”

  • Ha ha, I had to laugh when I saw this queen appear in your reading today after following your discussion with Bev about practicality. So this week is all about seeing for yourself how great you are at channeling this queen 😀

    • Hee hee, I hadn’t thought of it in those terms, but yes, I can be sure to be practical. And someone has let me know that it is still Merc Rx, so the stars agree with the cards this week 😀

  • I love the colors and energy in this deck; I hope Poppy gets to see her Everyday Tarot published. Gosh this reading sounds like motherly advice: Now honey, I know you are just bursting with creative ideas, but you’ve got several irons in the fire that you need to see to first. 😀 Well I bet you’re at least stocked up on bathroom rolls!

    • It is gorgeous. I’m not yet as won over by the Everyday, but then, I haven’t yet been able to read with it, which always makes such a difference.
      Ha, that’s definitely the advice from the cards. And yes, pleeenty of bathroom rolls here 😀

  • Lovely deck. I remember seeing this deck but have never used it.

    Some advice for all of us in there. I also want to zap off and do new things and neglect those I’m halfway through. I will heed the messages and get back to the grind.

    • I do love the vibrancy of it 🙂

      As for the advice, I was still tempted to try doing something new, but pre-existing projects have been swallowing my time at a frightening rate. And when I have worked on some fun stuff, it was also pre-existing fun stuff. So, I’m sticking to the grind this week, too 😀


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