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What A Line Up This Is!

I’ve been eating poorly again, and wondering what’s going on, and what to do about it.  So, Tarot Bridge Reading/Spell to the rescue 😀  I drew three cards from the recently released Modern Spellcaster’s Tarot (Llewellyn, 2016).

I wasn’t surprised to see a ‘difficult card’ in the ‘situation’ position.  However, the whole line up of ‘desired outcome’ and ‘energy needed’ is enough to make some quake in their boots!  Fortunately, I’m made of sterner stuff…

Modern Spellcasters Tarot Bridge Reading

Situation/Issue – Ten of Wands

This guy has no hope of seeing where he’s going, with those big wands stacked right in front of his face.  He’s already dropped two, and I really have to ask why he didn’t use the wagon behind him on the side of the road.  Perhaps he couldn’t see it…

Okay, I definitely get the overburdened bit, and the “can’t see the wood for the trees”.  And I acknowledge that I may be missing opportunities because I just can’t see them around what I’m trying to do.  I also recognise that when I feel overburdened I get less done, feeling overwhelmed so I may just give up, or not prioritise well.

Desired Outcome – Three of Swords

Say what?  My desired outcome is to feel as though my heart has been stabbed through and is burning up?!

Perhaps, rather, it is to get clear on what makes my heart burn with passion (back to last week’s cards saying I love to indiscriminately).   The triquetra at the centre of the very anatomical heart also makes me think about the power of three: how multiples can come together in a way that makes them greater than the sum of their parts.  Once again, something about integrating different elements so that they work together, rather than becoming overwhelming.

As I always see cards as being over-determined (able to represent more than one thing or person), I also see a desired outcome of being able to sit with emotional pain that comes from my thoughts.  That strikes a chord, as there is something going on with family that has me worried and stressed.  Finding a way to talk it through will hopefully help make it more bearable.  Admittedly, that’s a ‘Swords as Air’ type interpretation, and this deck specifically assigns Swords to fire, but hey, it follows my personal understanding better…

Energy Needed – The Devil

Wow, that’s a pretty creepy Devil!  With snakes for legs, a skeletal trunk, bats wings, and a red-eyed, horned skull, this is no playful, lustful Pan figure!  And just look at the Devil’s slaves/minions 😮  He’s a fat, faceless blob, and she looks a bit fishy, literally.  She is a strange colour and has only one eye.  Not a happy-clappy, love and light deck, for sure 😀

I need the energy to face my demons down.  Confronting them, they are never as scary as they seem in my imagination/anticipation.  The minions make me think that I am not facing up to reality, and that I am feeling out of my element.  This brings me back to the Three of Swords talking through difficult emotions and thoughts.  It also makes me wonder where exactly I’m feeling out of my depth.

As a therapist, I have a supervisor to help me when I feel uncertain, have ethical dilemmas, or struggle for any other reason.  As a member of a family, there isn’t the same support network in place.  On top of that, a couple of issues that I’ve always taken as normal have been challenged recently.  These were things that I assumed were just like that, unchangeable.  Someone I mentioned them to said, “Really, you always…?”  That has made me wonder whether there is something I could/should do about these things, that might make the situation a bit easier.  Not quite sure who I’d even ask for help on these.  I’ll have to think about that, maybe do some research.

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6 Responses to “What A Line Up This Is!”

  • I want to know why the fellow in the Ten of Wands isn’t using wagon in the background. If he pulled it (like a rickshaw) he could at least see where he’s going. 🙂

    • Maybe he’s just a klutz, and broke the wheel on the wagon not looking where he was going… There are quite a few stones in the road 😀

  • Sorry for ‘double-dipping’ here… 🙂 That heart reminds me of how we armor our hearts so we don’t feel vulnerable (or attend to the pain). It’s so scary to let that kind of energy flow through you, but if we don’t fuel it with our thoughts it won’t last forever. Reminds me of that kid’s book about going on a bear hunt where they keep meeting challenges and decide, “Can’t go around it, guess we better go through it.”

    • Ha ha, I certainly don’t mind double-dipping, Bev! 😀

      Yes, you’re very right about how often we armour our heart. With the Three of Swords, I always think of Rachel Pollack’s interpretation in the Shining Tribe Tarot, where the swords are transformed through our being able to sit with the thoughts and the emotions 🙂

      My older boy loves “We’re Going On A Bear Hunt” – cracks up with it every time – oh no, we’ve got to go through it! Reminds me of Acceptance Therapy: if we can acknowledge and accept that this is what is, it’s always easier to work through. Doesn’t mean you have to like it, and it doesn’t mean you can’t fight for a different possibility, but accepting what is – well, I find it funny that therapy is adopting so many of these buddhist principles 😀

  • Great reading, fascinating deck. Lots going on here…overwhelm. Carrying too much and it’s obliterating vision, although the last card – tying elements together in as symbolised in the triquetra is hopeful though not painless.
    That Devil. How interesting. It looks like a creature from Lovecraft’s Shadow Over Innsmouth. That’s the story where people find out that they are not what they thought: tentacled creatures emerge from the sea and turn them into half-human, half-fishy sea creatures. The chief protagonist – well I won’t give the story away but his family isn’t as he had assumed. It’s sometimes said the story discloses Lovecraft’s racist fear of miscenegation so once again, in a sense, we have a mixing of elements. Here that’s a strength. Although it will seem foreign and unhomely even if it’s actually a part of your history and identity. Embracing difference. And, in the 3 of Swords, integrating differences (a trinity) without merging them into a unity that effaces the differences.
    I would say these three cards speak directly to the family issues/discord at the moment. There’s something/someone that doesn’t or won’t quite fit in with the status quo.

    • You’re so right, Donna, that Devil does look like something out of Lovecraft’s oeuvre! Interesting about the miscenegation, that I need to be able to mix different elements. That makes a lot of sense to me 🙂


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