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What the Devil?

This week’s deck is an old one, which I first saw over on Tiferet Tarot: the Winged Spirit Tarot (U.S. Games, 1998).  It’s not what I was expecting, on which more later in the week.  For now, let’s get down to this week’s reading.


Situation – The Tower

Seeing this card today, I think of the description from the Osho Zen Tarot: “a shake-up that’s a wake up”.  I notice the scarf over the angel’s face – I have been blind to something, but this shake up will allow me to see in a new way.  As is traditional, the top of the tower has been knocked off: it’s my ideas or preconceptions that are being destroyed.

When I first drew these cards, I got a twinge at the sight of the Tower.  I have so often associated this card with difficult times with my elder son and his disability.  However, as I write this I feel it points to something different this week.  I’ve been working on something for over a year, and have just come to the decision to completely change my strategy/approach to this project.  This decision was sparked by something I saw on Instagram: You know you are on the right road when you lose interest in looking back.  My previous plan felt like looking back, but this new one feels like it’s more forward-focused – yay!

Desirable Outcome – Four of Wands

Dancing with two flaming wands, supported by two winged spirits with their own brands, this person is creating something structured through their energy and drive.

I want to create a fresh new foundation, rather than continuing on a path that has me constantly looking over my shoulder.  And perhaps, if I get some work done this week, I’ll have something to celebrate by the end of the week, a solid basis to move forward from.

Energy Needed – The Devil

What a powerful Devil figure – a reminder that Satan is said to be a fallen angel.  Were it not for the goat’s horns and legs, he might be thought beautiful.  And look how very loose those neck chains are: twice as big as the head’s of the figures they ‘bind’.  A reminder that our bindings are generally of our own making, that we choose to be enslaved by our inner demons at some level.

As the energy needed this week, I see a reminder to be aware of what demons are driving me, so I can more easily choose whether I want to be driven or not.  My choices should be based on something other than sensual desire or a feeling of not having a choice.  So too, with this project, I can take some time to explore the best way to put this new plan into effect, rather than just jumping on the quickest, easiest way to get this project out of my hair.

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3 Responses to “What the Devil?”

  • Again a confirmation that the Tower and the Devil in one reading is often nothing to be afraid of. Maybe that’s a little demon too, whispering frightening things in our ear 🙂
    I hope you will have a productive week Chloe!

    • That’s a good point, Ellen. We can terrify ourselves with the what-if’s… This week, I’ve seen these cards very positively, and yes, it’s been very productive! 😀


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