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What Do You Make Of This Deck?

After the focus on the Devil for the past few weeks, I decided to move on to the Tower.  You might say that’s not much of an improvement, but hey, it’s a change 😃 This week, I’m drawing from the Golden Dawn Magical Tarot (Llewellyn, 2010).
This isn’t a deck I like much. I got it mainly for the book, as I’m doing some research that required some Golden Dawn input. Still, I thought that if I could get a deck to match, it would act as a good mnemonic or reinforcement.
Anyhow, letting the image of the Tower inspire me (as much as is possible with a deck I find horrendously ugly), I noticed the shattered top, the lightning (or whatever that strange green and red blob is meant to be), and the remaining tower:

What thoughts need to change? – Two of Wands – Dominion

A bizarre green hand explodes out of a red cloud, holding two crossed over wands. The Wands cards, normally some of my favourites in the tarot, are my least favourite in this deck. This card, though, is one of the ones that speaks to me more: trying to grasp onto two different things.
I need to change the idea that I can control everything. Trying to hold on tight and be in charge just isn’t working, anyway.

What energy is fueling this shake-up? – Four of Cups – Blended Pleasure

 Pure white water flows from a lotus flower at the top of the card. The two cups below capture it, before it flows on down. However, the water runs out as it gets to the bottom two cups. The book says: ‘The titlem Blended Pleasure, implies that there is pleasure associated with the card, but not without its drawbacks.’
I enjoy eating sweet treats. There’s pleasure there in the taste and the variety. Yet, it certainly has its drawbacks, too. This catch 22 situation is driving the need for change.

What foundation can you build upon? – Ace of Cups

A hand holds out a single cup. Water bursts from it joyfully, flowing into a lotus pond.
For me, this is a par excellence card of love. Not just romantic or carnal love, though, but also spiritual love. As such, it’s about feeling connected to source.
I’ve been thinking a lot over the last week about what it means to pray, to meditate, to do a spell, and to perform a ritual. One of the things that this card brings up for me is the idea of letting go and letting God(dess), as the saying goes. Or: ‘Thy will, not my will, be done.’
In some ways, this is something I have railed against. To a degree, I suspected this was part of the patriarchal means of control that dominates much of institutionalised religion. In paganism, instead, they say: ‘An it harm none, as I will so mote it be.’
Yet, even within paganism there are different phrasings, such as something along the lines of: ‘In the best and most helpful way for all, may this be so.’ After all, how can a human know what will be the best way for something to happen?
The foundation I can build on, then, is a willingness to open myself to spirit. I have changed my meditations the last day or two, away from my idea of how things should be, to simply spiritual cleansing and healing.
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4 Responses to “What Do You Make Of This Deck?”

  • These cards aren’t beautiful, but they are full of symbolism! Interesting that the Tree of Knowledge (of Good and Evil) and the Tree of Life is in the Tower. It is as though those who hide in the Tower prefer their version of life (illusion) to the knowledge of reality. Yet life has a way of waking us up whether we want to be awoken or not. This seems to parallel the Two of Wands (like your interpretation of this one!). When we try to stay in the Tower, its easy to chase the next pleasure to distract us from what needs attention. Eventually, like the Four of Cups, we end up feeling more sick than satisfied. The Ace of Cups is such a wonderful card to end with; I agree that it probably has more to do with filling your spiritual cup and drinking from it. That would be a cup that truly satisfies. 🙂

    • Hiya Bev,
      You know, I was so focused on that terrible, flame-filled mouth, and the weird lightning, and the Tower itself, that I didn’t stop to notice the trees. Now you mention them, though, it’s obviously true. And I love your interpretation – that we hide in the tower to avoid facing these realities.
      And yes, the draught from the Ace of Cups is a really nurturing, nourishing one 🙂

  • “As such, it’s about feeling connected to Source”. I guess this is that one Cup your were talking to me about. It is good te be reminded of this and as of late I am seeing this reminder popping up everywhere. We tend to forget to drink from this Cup and only if we are parched and disconnected we realize there is something missing. I wonder why it is so hard to maintain a regular and satisfying spritual practice which keeps the door open to God/dess

    • Yes, this is exactly the cup I was talking about, Ellen! The bit that strikes me as odd is that I have a regular spiritual practice, and yet I still somehow manage to not feel connected. Though I’ve been changing my practice this week, and it seems to be more satisfying… 🙂


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