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What Does Strength Mean To You?

I was away for a couple of days last week, and then my Little One had chicken pox and was off sick all week. He also trashed my computer, and my backup doesn’t work very well. So, not had much time for anything, and I’m still playing catch-up. Perhaps that’s why I didn’t manage to get the message of last week’s reading. That’s what I suspect when the same card comes up in the same position for a second week *doh*

Golden Tarot Reading

Once again, I drew from the Golden Tarot (Race Point Publishing, 2013). The similarities between this week’s reading and last week’s are striking. Both start with a low pip, and are followed by two Majors, the second of which is Strength.

Ace of Cups, The Devil, Strength

Things seem to start so well: overflowing love, a sense of emotional and spiritual connection. Then, in comes the Devil, those chains of my own making, the rod for my own back. And what’s the way forward? Strength.

Yet, with this deck, the Strength card leaves me pondering what this means to me. A brutish man clubs a lion into submission, rather than a lady in white gently closing the lion’s jaws.

What Does Strength Look Like?

Bev commented last week that she finds it better to befriend her beasts, rather than subduing them momentarily only to strengthen them in the long run. In my meditations recently, I’ve been pondering this a lot. There is a part of me that feels like forgiving my sins, accepting my weaknesses, will just lead to more of the same. Like giving in to a craving, which leads to more cravings, and feeling fat and weak-willed.

Yet, perhaps this is about letting go, not to my cravings, but to acknowledging my own powerlessness. Whether you see it in 12-step terms or Zen/Buddhist ones, there is a wisdom to letting go. Not to your beasts, but to that overflowing cup at the outset.

If I can get into the flow of a more connected way of being, then that Devil may yet be tamed. Not by force, but through the power of loving kindness. Worth working on!

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2 Responses to “What Does Strength Mean To You?”

  • The Buddhists talk a lot about the ‘root of suffering.’ It is not the leaves, trunk and limbs that we see (the symptoms), but what lies beneath them. I think sometimes we have to dig to uncover that root, and helps tremendously if we can be compassionate with ourselves as we dig. I don’t have to ‘give in’ to my addiction or pattern of behavior, but I do need to let go of trying to whack it to the ground because it will just grow right back up.
    Chicken pox and a trashed computer!? Are you sure your little one isn’t named Taz? 😀 I remember the doctor gave medicine to my daughter when she had chicken pox that was supposed to help her sleep and not scratch. I woke up to a commotion at 3 am and found her with 15 different wooden puzzles on the floor – she was running from one to another putting them together and babbling nonstop. The medicine obviously had the opposite effect – nothing like having a 2 year old that seems to gulped a few energy drinks, lol!

  • O my dear, that is enough to make any mom crave for something. 🙂
    I agree with Bev.: shower yourself with compassion like you would do for your best friend. Only when we fully accept our flaws we will be on our way towards healing and transforming these parts
    Wishing you lots of Strength to do what doesn’t feel natural


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