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What Does This Year Hold?

Year cards are funny things.  A bit like your astrological sign, when it gets to the generality of a year, you can probably interpret your year in the light of any of the Majors.  And yet, I often feel that the real value of such exercises is precisely the fact that I am taking time to reflect, to consider, to assess.

2016 – Strength and the Star

If I think back over the year just gone, I can certainly see the relevance of the Star and Strength.  I spent the whole year studying something both spiritual and healing, that lends guidance and connects me to Source (the Star).  That course was also very clearly to do with bringing conscious and subconscious together, of taming and harnessing the strength of drives through the gentle power of the will applied in a loving way (Strength).

In 2016, I also let myself be guided by spirit in ways I wasn’t expecting.  That included a project I’m still working on, as well as stepping back from being ‘business oriented’.

And I did a lot of inner work to tame my own beast, to be more gentle and accepting of my hunger, while not letting it rampage out of control.  Off the back of that, I now feel I can eat chocolate in moderation, without always going overboard.  Being able to moderate, rather than having an all-or-nothing approach, was and is quite a big deal to me after years of bingeing and purging.

2017 – The Hermit and the Moon

So, what do my year cards for 2017 suggest?

I’m a bit intimidated by the Moon, I have to say.  Shadows, ambiguity and a dark night of the soul sound rather scary.  Who really likes uncertainty?!

The After Tarot (Lo Scarabeo, 2016) offers us the addition of a female figure between the towers.  Is this a gentle presence to act as a guide through these dangerous waters?  Or a temptress to mislead, blocking the path to insight and awareness?

Thank goodness for the Hermit as a base card!  Study and solitude I can handle, as well as the suggestion of carrying the light of the Star in my lantern, to guide my way.

In the After Tarot, the Hermit holds a serpent, hinting at Asclepius’ staff of healing, as well as the ability to transform through looking inward.  He also has a black dog as a companion.  To me, this doesn’t feel like the ‘black dog’ of depression.  Rather, it speaks of a companion who is at home in the dark of the night, another wise guide and protector.

That last brings me back to Strength.  I believe I’ve been learning to listen to and learn from my drives and urges.  Now, instead of being fearsome creatures that torment me, they can share their wisdom, their bodily knowing.  Being willing to study/experiment and to pay quiet attention to the answers/results would fit with this Hermit and his dog.

So, what are your year cards, and how do you feel about them?




6 Responses to “What Does This Year Hold?”

  • I love the additions in these cards. As you say, reflecting 2017 will give you more clarity than trying to find out what they mean in the beginning of the year. I have done a year ahead spread for the first time this year. Each month has a theme which I can only interpret when the month is over. This is what I like about these kind of cards: they provide a framework for our thoughts
    I hope your year will be filled with joy and wisdom my dear

    • Yes, these cards are definitely interesting!

      Oh, I’ve done a year ahead spread before, when I was using Leonie Dawson’s Amazing Life Workbooks, for one. It’s a lovely exercise, especially if you remember to revisit it each month, as you say.

      Wishing you a year filled with love and trust and vitality, dear friend 🙂

  • Do you draw two cards to be your year cards, or do you have a formula to figure out which ones they will be?


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