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What Holds Your World Up?

Just a single card from the Samadhi Oracle (Jess Bren, 2017) this week, as I’m in full ‘exam’ mode in preparation for Saturday.  So, what energy will help me through it all?


Akupara – Support

A snake bits its own tail, with a huge turtle swimming through space holding onto the snake, and four elephants carrying the earth on their backs stand on top of the turtle’s shell.  Interestingly, the notion of a World Turtle is also found in China and the North Americas.  Akupara is said to be the first ever tortoise, born in a pool in the Himalayas called the Indradyumna.

Ha, I certainly feel like I’m carrying the weight of the world on my back right now.  The Little One has been sick, and gave it to me, so everything has felt lots harder, fighting a cold on top of everything.  What I see here, though, is that there is support for me, if I look for it.  And it may not come from where I expect…

It’s true that my Dear One is always supportive, and I wonder how else I can best feel supported.

For one thing, I can support myself by using the technology available to me – I’ve been scanning all my notes onto my computer, so I can transfer them to a tablet to read on the train.

I also have a tutorial this afternoon.  If I ask the right questions, perhaps my tutor will give me some good tips for the exam.

And I can support my health through self-care, and taking a bit of quiet time if my Dear One will take the kids for a bit (which he often does).


In terms of self-care, I haven’t done any sewing for nearly a month.  Lying under that card in the photo are the two fabrics I have chosen for a bag for the Samadhi Oracle.  The deck came in a nice tin, but it’s too big for the cards on their own (you can take a look in this unboxing video).  I’ll sew them a bag, and it should still all fit in the tin 🙂

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2 Responses to “What Holds Your World Up?”

  • Oh wow, this card looks just like Prachett’s cosmos in the Discworld series! 😀 Regardless of the spiritual tools and practices I have, when life gets hard, I need human support. Taking care of yourself physically right now is a top priority, even though you are dealing with a sick little one and an upcoming exam. You can’t do much of anything (even study) when your body is worn out. Hope you and the young one feel better soon – and good luck on your exam!

  • Often when life gets really challenging we tend to forget how to take care of ourselves. Sometimes a one card draw is enough to be reminded of how truly worth it we are. I hope you and you L.O. will feel better soon and I wish you all the best for the coming time


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