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What is Awakening in Your Soul?

Ethony Dawn is pretty well-known in the divination community.  She has created several self-published decks, and also offers tarot tuition and heart-centred business coaching.  This is her latest offering, the Awakened Soul Oracle (2016), a collaboration with artist Danielle Mulligan, funded through a Kickstarter.

The images offer a modern, female-centric take on life as an Awakened Soul.  They are fairly big, borderless, and colourful.

For this week, I decided to try out one of the spreads from the companion guidebook: the eponymous Awakened Soul Spread.

(Quick heads-up, next week’s post will go live on Wednesday, as part of the Imbolc Tarot Blog Hop).

1) What is awakening within you? – Sanctuary

Doesn’t that look like a delightfully calm place to be?  Sitting on a sofa with a cat and a book, a mountain lake outside your window and tea, crystals and tarot cards on the table in front of you.

I can certainly see the need for me to create a sense of peace and of ‘home’ this week.  Theoretically, we’re moving house on Friday, a two or three month displacement while we get the kitchen and a few other odd jobs done.  It’s been more stressful than expected, as first the deadline was brought forward by a month, and then the place we were supposed to move to fell through.  Still, it appears to be sorted now, so fingers crossed on Friday and Saturday I can start turning our temporary house into a home for the four of us.

This card acts as a reminder that it’s not just the physical things – the furniture, clothes and books – I need to keep in mind.  It’s also the emotional side of what makes a dwelling a home.  I am reminded of an NLP coach I saw fifteen years ago telling me to ‘mark’ my classroom as my own in some way, like a lion rubs its scent on its den.  A bit of smudging sounds like a good idea!

2) What can support it? – Challenge

Hmm, I’m not going to join a roller derby anytime soon ? These ladies battle and barge, competitive and risk-taking.

At a metaphorical level, I think this is about standing my ground, claiming my space.  Getting furniture where I want it, at a material level.

And perhaps also creating safe boundaries for the kids, at a practical level.  At home, I knew which doors the Little One could or couldn’t open, and what time to get him moving in order for him to be at nursery close to 8am.  I know that this is going to be a huge change for him, he’s never lived anywhere else before.  Safe boundaries will hopefully support us all in this transition.

3) What are you resisting? – Perseverance

A woman runs down a long road, with crops in the fields to the side.  I like the badger on her shirt – a nice symbolic extra.  I didn’t notice at first that she has a prosthetic leg.  Ethony talks about how she shows extra perseverance, carrying on despite her disability.

I read an article recently about disability “inspiration porn”, the idea of praising the disabled just for being alive rather than achieving something that is really special.   Personally, I don’t think this person needed to be disabled to make the point.  Just getting out there everyday and running is an achievement for everyone.  Still, it isn’t full-on inspiration porn, because this is a real achievement – plenty of able-bodied people don’t manage it.

As the parent of a disabled child, the idea of inspiration porn is one I had to get my head around.  I wondered if I, as an able-bodied person, was guilty of it with my own son, unwittingly.  Having thought about it, I can see that using disabled people to make the “able” feel warm fuzzies is inspiration porn.  On the other hand, when we feel delighted about my elder boy crawling (at age nine), that is parental joy in him achieving something that will make his life more independent and fun.

Okay, excuse the digression.  The question that comes up for me with Perseverance in the position of what I’m resisting is: in what way might I be resisting staying the course and doing what I need to?

I’ve been clearing out my home office, which feels pretty good.  Still, it’s true I have a case study to write and an exam to revise for.  Both of which I’ve more or less ignored since before Christmas.  Once we’re settled in the new place, I need to pull out the stops on those!

4) What is slumbering? – Connection

A woman does one-legged down dog in one of those “ideal yoga scenes”.  She is on a strip of sand, reflected in the water to her side, with the dawn in the sky behind her.  In fact, it reminds me of one of my favourite yoga DVD’s: Shiva Rea’s Yoga Shakti.  (The link is to a little YouTube trailer, which shows the strip-of-sand yoga location perfectly).

I have to say, this is the card I connect with least in this reading.  I connect with Spirit on a daily basis through meditation, and I connect with my body through daily exercise.  Admittedly, I don’t tend to do much yoga during the winter, as I like something that warms me up more in the cold months.  However, it’s true that some part of my connection with my body must be slumbering at the moment, given the way I’ve been ignoring its deep messages and eating more than I need.

Since I’ve been doing time-restricted fasting, I feel like I’m more in touch with how true hunger feels.  And yet, I’m still not in touch with how satiety feels, listening to those messages.  I hope that settling into this new house, and feeling less stressed and up in the air, will help me to reconnect more with every aspect of myself.

At another level, I have been so focused on this move and on my studies that I have taken less time reading other people’s blogs.  And less time with friends IRL, too.  That’s something else I’d like to reconnect with…

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4 Responses to “What is Awakening in Your Soul?”

  • Wow, I really like this oracle (though I don’t connect much with the yoga pose either. Think a regular down dog would make me feel more connected to the earth and grounded). A move is stressful, especially with kids! Hope you are able to tap into a vein of equanimity during the transition.

    • Sorry for the late reply, Bev! The move was a bit crazy, and the kids played up a lot (and the Little One continues to do so!) Yes, as you say, that one-legged down dog doesn’t feel very grounded. On the other hand, maybe it speaks of the connection between heaven and earth, of being grounded and still reaching for the stars, of connecting to different experiences… 🙂


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