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Inner Whispers

What’s Weighing You Down?

This week’s spread is designed to help figure out an issue and the best way forward from it.  It is especially appropriate if you are trying to achieve a healthy weight, but will work with any kind of problem.  The mnemonic is WEIGHT, and it looks at something weighing you down, physically or metaphorically.  The deck used is the Tarot of Pagan Cats (Lo Scarabeo, 2010).

1) What is WEIGHING you down? – Ten of Swords

Ten swords pierce the cat cushion in the front of the card, destroying its owner’s sense of security and comfort.  Still, the statue of a Goddess offering a cornucopia of abundance is a reminder that this too shall pass.

I am weighed down by a feeling of overwhelm, a sense that it is all too much.  How can I cope with all the different thoughts in my head, all the messages being communicated?  When I feel swamped, I know I am more likely to reach for the comfort of food, too!

2) What EFFECT does that have? – I – The Magician

This Magician seems calm and collected.  He sits on a table that holds the four suit emblems.  Before him are white lilies, representing purity of intent, and red roses for passion.  And he himself is all white, a pure, focused conduit.

Feeling overwhelmed means I manage the resources I have less well.  I feel like saying: ‘I can’t pull a rabbit out of a hat, you know!’  Yet, I do have the resources I need, so let’s look further…

3) What IMPULSE will help change your outlook? – Two of Pentacles

A tabby cat stands on a wooden walkway, the sea in the background.  It wears a pointy hat, and balances one front paw above a mouse, the other above a goldfish in a bowl. I notice that its gaze goes off to the far horizon.

Recognising that I can balance more than one thing at a time will support me in changing my perspective.  Perhaps, too, recognising that some things may be able to carry on with only minimal input from me, as I let my focus be elsewhere.  How can I automate some of those tasks that feel overwhelming?
4) What is your GOAL? – Nine of Cups

A fluffy, white cat sits on a red cushion on top of a table covered by a blue cloth.  Nine golden cups are lined up around the edge of the circular table, partly surrounding the cat.

My goal is to feel emotionally satisfied, happy and relaxed with where I am and what I’m doing 🙂

5) HOW can you move towards your goal? – Six of Pentacles

A glossy cat with a pile of toys sits in the foreground.  It looks over its shoulder at two other cats that look rather paler and scrawnier.  Will the glossy cat share its wealth with the other two?

As a card of charity, of giving and receiving, this image reminds me that there is no shame in asking for help.  I gladly give it when I can.  And in some ways accepting help from another is a gift we give them, acknowledging their value and generosity!

So, to move towards my goal I may need to ask for and accept help.  And remember to return the favour when I can.  It isn’t an either/or, after all, but can be a circle of generosity.

6) What TRANSFORMATION will this bring? – The Chariot

This kitty is sitting pretty in a chariot draped with a black, star-spangled awning.  Pulling the chariot are two peacocks, one brightly coloured, the other a sparkling white.

What I can achieve, then, is a move to feeling fully in control: both knowing where I want to go and feeling capable of getting there.  Really, you couldn’t get much further from the powerless place of overwhelm shown in the Ten of Swords.  The Goddess’ guidance has paid off, and confidence that I can achieve her promised abundance and that feeling of emotional well-being of the Nine of Cups prevails.  May it be so!

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4 Responses to “What’s Weighing You Down?”

  • May it indeed be so my dear friend. This reading looks promising if you don’t forget to do your part of the deal: ask for help. It is so easy to forget this when it doesn’t come natural. but int this case it might be the difference between a smooth ride in your Chariot or standing in a ditch with a broke wheel:)
    Take care my friend

    • Well, I did manage to ask for help, Ellen – I guess old dogs can learn new tricks 😉 Hope you had a good week! Cx

  • The Pagan Cats Tarot is one of my favorite cat decks. 🙂 That Ten of Swords really shows how weighty and oppressive our thoughts can be, especially when we attend to the ones that aren’t beneficial. Hope you trade those in for some that are more useful!

    • Thanks, Bev! I struggled with worrying about all the stuff I wasn’t getting done, I’ll admit, which someone pointed out was blocking me from thinking of creative ways to deal with things. Ah well, live and learn! Hope your week was good 😀


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