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What’s Your Poison?

Bringing a bit of magic back to this week’s post, I used my Tarot Bridge Spell spread, and drew cards from the delightful Idiosyncradeck Tarot (CrackedAmethyst, 2016).


Situation: Seven of Cups

Look at that selection of teas!  To be honest, I think we have even more tea options in our cupboard.  We have three different variants just of peppermint tea 😀

Choices, choices!  You’re told they are a good thing, having options, being able to choose what is just right for you.  Yet, sometime they are false choices, and other times they are just overwhelming.

I have a lot of creative ideas bouncing around right now, but I can’t follow through on all of them.  Especially as something came up with my day job so that a project I expected to have to work on in about three months time is now going to start this week – eek!

Desirable Outcome – Knight of Arrows (Wands)

Look at all those different coloured feathers to his shaft.  He has so many, he’s moulting a little!  Lots of energy there, for sure, and also an ability to release what isn’t firmly attached yet.

Okay, so I need to get my energy harnessed, after a bit of a dip last week.  And to let go of some of those shiny ideas so I can focus on what I can do, or at least begin.  Looking to what I feel most passionate about sounds like a good place to start.  That way, I’ll be inspired enough to work on it in my “off” hours.

Energy Needed – Six of Arrows (Wands)

Two arrows have been shot right into the heart of a target, while two others lie on the floor, unspent.

Success comes with focus, with keeping your eye on the prize, and saving what you cannot do for later.  Okay, okay, I get the message already 😉  Time to get clear on what I can successfully achieve this week, and get it done.  Other things may or may not happen, but at least I’ll be moving on some fronts, achieving results I can be glad of.

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8 Responses to “What’s Your Poison?”

  • It’s funny how a few cards can completely change my ideas about a deck. That Seven of Cups especially seems brilliant! Conscious choice can be crucial – the wrong kind of herb could make me fall asleep instead of keeping me alert and awake. 🙂 And the Knight of Wands reminds me (with those loose feathers) how too many irons in the fire can keep me from finishing anything or handling obligations skillfully.

    • Yes, this is my top deck so far for this year 🙂 As you say, choices have consequences, so best get as much info as possible!

  • These cards fit you need so perfectly. I wonder did you drew them face up or did they came up synchronisticly. 🙂
    For me using arrows for wands is a bit confusing though

    • Yeah, these cards were picked at random 🙂

      I know what you mean about Arrows. They are one of the only symbols that is used quite often for either Wands or Swords, so it is a bit confusing. Still, the Swords are big swords 😀

  • I quite like the tea choices for the Seven of Cups. Nothing can make you dither and obsess like choosing which tea to brew up.

    I LOVE vector illustrations–always liked the Experimental Tarot and Steve Bright’s marvelous work with Illustrator. Jessica Shanahan did her Tarot of the Absurd with vector art too and it’s delightful.

    Another deck that’s too expensive for me. I’m spotting a trend. Oh well, I can see the cards here!

    • Ha ha, not a problem I have. I always seem to know what kind of tea I want. After dinner, my favourite is liquorice and peppermint. During the day, I prefer some kind of red fruit mix 🙂

      I don’t really know what vector art is, but if it’s what Jessica Shehan and Steve use, then I’m all in favour 😀

  • I love this 7 of Cups card – I can so relate! We have an abundance of teas in our house and tea time always requires careful thought and decision making 🙂 I like the flow that you have in your Bridge spread here – very helpful advice!

    • Yes, I remember you talking about the ritual of making tea 🙂 Ilove the Bridge spread – it’s small enough to be easy to manage, but pretty useful! 😀


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