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Inner Whispers

When the Transpersonal and the Magical Meet…

Having recently spotted a transpersonal coaching acronym, I couldn’t resist converting it into a tarot spread!  This one looks great for figuring out how to move towards a goal you believe in, taking into account your own strengths and also allowing in inspiration from the universe 🙂


trust-spreadTarget – What do you really want to achieve?

Restrictions – What is blocking you?

Uniqueness – What inner strength can help you?

Solutions/Steps – What is/are the solution and/or next step/s?

Trust – What will help you trust in yourself and the universe?

I decided to give it a go with the Dreams of Gaia Tarot (Blue Angel, 2016):

Target – What do you really want to achieve? – Queen of Water

bf-dreamsofgaia-qcIsn’t the imagery here fabulous?  I love the “third eye” within the triple moon symbol.  So evocative of intuition and seeing beyond the everyday.  The gills around her eyes highlight this seeing in a different way.  The two turtles speak of connecting with others in an intimate, lasting way.  And the crab suggests feeling at ease in different situations, being able to protect yourself despite being so deeply in tune with emotions.

In terms of my question, firstly, I see here my goal to become a hypnotherapist.  The Queen of Water/Cups is often associated with counselling roles.  And hypnotherapy is all about tapping into the flow of the unconscious.

Secondly, there’s the aspect that I want to feel more at ease with my own emotions, more in control.

Restrictions – What is blocking you? – XII – Love

bf-dreamsofgaia-xii-loveA female figure stands with hands to her chest.  She has beautiful angel wings, and light streams from her heart space.  There are butterflies flying around her, and she rises up from a watery pillar, with a beautiful flower beneath a crescent moon and star.

At first glance, it seems counterintuitive that Love could be blocking emotional connection, be it with myself or with others in a professional, hypnotherapy role.  However, I think this is pointing to the fact that I love too much, or too many…

There are so many things I love, so many things I want to do: I love all kinds of cartomancy, and have been working on a “Learn Kipper” series like my “Learn Lenormand” series; I want to record more meditations; see clients; create another deck; give talks and workshops; spend time with my beloved; teach my boys another language; sew, draw; study; the list goes on!

Most times, multitasking doesn’t work long term.  I need to keep my focus, or maybe make sure that I draw these loves together as much as possible.  For instance, some of these loves can work synergistically, if I’m smart.  However, others may simply need to be dropped for the time being.

Uniqueness – What inner strength can help you? – Seven of Earth

bf-dreamsofgaia-7pWow, it doesn’t get much more grounded than this!  A male figure sits, rooted in the earth.  His trunk is just that, as suggested by the branches growing from his head.  This green man offers a vision of the seasons, decked with green and ripe red apples, and fall leaves.  Up his body, the lights of his chakras shine out.  He appears to be meditating, and a snake wraps around his neck – the embodiment of kundalini rising.  The only element that surprises me here is the flame burning around his shoulders: a blanket of fire?

I can definitely see how my ability to meditate will help me to gain better control of my own emotions.  In terms of the business of becoming a hypnotherapist, I notice more the associations to yoga.  The skills and knowledge I developed practising and teaching yoga and meditation for many years provide me with an inner strength and guiding light, while also benefitting my potential clients.

One common misunderstanding of hypnosis is that it is something someone does to you.  That couldn’t be further from the truth.  If you don’t want to be hypnotised, no-one will be able to do so.  Equally, you can try too hard to reach a trance state.  Both varieties of struggle remind me of students I had when teaching yoga, and I believe that the lessons I learned with those people will help me work with hypnotherapy clients, too.  Not only that, but the meditation that is taught in yogic practice is a very close cousin to what clinical hypnotherapists call “induction”.  Some might say the only difference is that there is a therapeutic goal to the induction, though to be honest I’d say the same was true of a chakra balancing meditation…

Solutions/Steps – What is/are the solution and/or next step/s? – XIV – Self

bf-dreamsofgaia-xiv-selfWhat an interesting counterpoint to the last card.  She is like the fiery feminine to his grounded masculine.  Dragons twine around her, and doves fly up above her.  Instead of being a tree, she sits under two, which meet above her head.  And only her heart chakra glows with fire, matching her hands.  That makes sense to me as the hands are associated with the heart chakra, as it is our passion which propels us into action, into reaching out.

The next step, then, is to claim this uniqueness, to make it a part of my marketing.  A while back, on a hypnotherapy directory, I saw one guy talking about how hypnosis isn’t like meditation.  Fair dos, though I strongly disagree.  So, maybe I need to talk about why I disagree.

For myself, there is also something here connected to my emotions.  A need to accept myself as I am: far from perfect, yet doing my best in the moment.

Trust – What will help you trust in yourself and the universe? – Four of Water

bf-dreamsofgaia-4cAnother male figure, here, but this one immersed in water.  He holds up something: is it a sceptre or a mirror?  The merman gazes up at it with one good eye, and one magical/blank eye.  Yet, the object he holds up has a large, clear eye at the top of it.

Does he see more clearly by separating his emotional focus from his everyday focus?  Or is it himself that he sees in that mirror?  Perhaps he sees more clearly for looking with the eyes of compassion…

There are some really interesting exercises over on, a website Bev pointed me to 🙂

Seeing myself and others through a more compassionate lens can help me trust myself more.  If I can acknowledge the ways in which my goals motivate me, and be compassionate with myself for the areas where I struggle, perhaps I can move forward with more emotional clarity and trust.

The Bottom Line

I really like this spread.  While still having a coaching focus on goals and how to achieve them, it brings in a more compassionate and inspiring approach to them.  It’s not just about having SMART goals, but also about having those goals align with your spirit and your sense of self.  And it doesn’t just focus on what resources and restrictions there are around you, but more specifically about those inside of you.  These are often the toughest to deal with, and also the most productive once you’ve got them on your side, so to speak.

To see journal prompts based on these cards, click here.







5 Responses to “When the Transpersonal and the Magical Meet…”

  • I must admit my love has blocked me from helping others; in my desire to keep others from all harm, I have inevitably over-protected them. Sometimes people need challenges that aren’t comfortable to grow and learn to be responsible for themselves.

    • That’s a very good point, Bev! I remember when I left my first long-term partner. Seeing him six months later, he was in a state in some ways, but he was also so much more independent than he’d been while we were together… With clients, too, I need to honour their autonomy, and the fact that they will make their own mistakes (don’t we all?)

  • Having found that I was snarling unkind things about myself in the mirror, I rather liked the idea of a self-compassion journal from that self compassion site.

    Hey, any excuse to buy a new journal! I find sometimes in my gratitude journal that I sound fine and then my other written journal sounds like I’m battling the Apocalypse–perhaps I should switch it to a self-compassion journal, or at least add some self-compassion addendums to sum up??

    • Ha ha, I know what you mean about buying journals 🙂 I’m sticking with my gratitude journal for the time being, as I get a lot from it. But as you say, some self-compassion addendums might fit nicely… 🙂


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