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Will I Marry A Prince?

While I don’t often read with reversals, the Magdalene Legacy Tarot (Grail Press Tarot, 2014) certainly lends itself to it, so for once I did.


Situation – Ten of Quills (Swords) Rx

This is a card it’s always nice to see come up reversed!  The keyword for it in this orientation is ‘Reprieve’.  We see a fish with ten quills stuck into it, but reversed it looks like the quills should drop out at any moment.

While all seemed dark and there was the temptation to prophecy doom with a hand held dramatically to one’s forehead, things weren’t as bad as they seemed 😉

I can relate, after having had some bad news on both Thursday and Friday.  However, Friday ended on an up note, and I went on to enjoy my weekend of studying.  A good reminder of the power of keystone habits, which form the second prong of the approach I take to make lasting positive changes in your life.

I’m unsure whether more positive things happen if you follow the Law of Attraction.  What I do know is that if you keep believing that good things will come to you, you stay open to opportunity.

There was an excellent example of this in a Derren Brown show a few years ago.  He set out to find people who believed they were lucky, and someone who believed he wasn’t.  He then offered the guy who believed he was unlucky quite a lot of opportunities, none of which he even noticed or gave a chance.  Derren Brown had to literally drive a huge truck with a signboard on it with the unlucky guy’s name on it, several times, before he took any notice.  The moral: there are always opportunities out there, the question is do you actively look for them, just stay open to what comes, or close yourself off?

Desirable Outcome – Knight of Quills (Swords)

In this deck, the Quills Court are represented by the British monarchy: Charles, Diana, William and Harry, to be specific.  Here, we have William on a white horse, charging pell mell into the future.  However, despite the fantasies of many a woman, marrying Prince William is not my desirable outcome!  Instead, this is about how I can be like this archetype.

I really enjoyed a post on this character by JJ last week.  One of the things she wrote is that this energy is good to channel when you don’t feel heard.  There’s also the interesting question of whether he is dashing off crazily, not finishing things.  That’s something I’d associate more with the Knight of Wands, who is quick to get fired up about something, but equally quick to become enthused about something else.

For me, the Knight of Swords or Quills is more about charging in where angels fear to tread.  He is so sure of his ideas, so determined to communicate them, that he sometimes forgets not everyone will have the same ideas.  He can be a bit of a fundamentalist (in the negative).  In the positive, he is clear and persuasive, expressing his ideas

Altogether, he makes me consider how I can communicate more effectively this week, and how I can honour my ideas.

Energy Needed – The Star

The woman here wears red and green flowing robes, traditionally associated with the Magdalene, instead of being naked.  At her feet is a skull, and over her head the Morning Star (Venus) shines brightly in front of the Pleiades (the Seven Sisters).  I notice the way she is pouring water from two cups onto the earth and into the pool.  Yet, at the same time she is looking up to the stars.  She is giving of herself, while also connected to something more.

Looks like before I can communicate clearly, I need some inner clarity, and perhaps a renewed sense of hope.  While moonlight offers us shadows and reflections, starlight offers us the amazing expanse of space and the cool light of distance: perspective and a connection with something beyond ourselves, beyond the everyday.

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3 Responses to “Will I Marry A Prince?”

  • “while also connected to something more” so maybe try to connect to your spirituality like you’ve mentioned before and that might give you encouragement to express yourself 🙂

    • Yes, that ended up being a big part of what I did this week, Ellen. I haven’t yet managed to get to the Knight of Swords position, but the Star has been strong 🙂

  • The Knight of Swords was a court card I’d always had trouble connecting with until it kept popping up for me at a time of transition at work. One day, after pulling the card twice in a row, I delved into that energy and discovered that there is so much about the Knight that resonates: being an effective problem-solver, being perceptive, expressing oneself clearly with words, presenting and defending ideas. I like how you describe him as being willing to go where “angels fear to tread” 🙂 There is great courage there!


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